Random Happenings at Steamer Lane

Steamer Lane

Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz’s Steamer Lane, as we all know, is a world famous surf spot. Some love it, some hate it. For some it’s a proving ground, for others it’s their playground. It serves as a stadium with viewing areas and a playing field, stocked with fans, photographers and the athletes themselves. Over the past few days I’ve spent some time snapping photos at Steamer Lane- here are some of the random happenings…


Wilem Banks knows the wave like the back of his hand. After getting a turn or two in, the wave decided to close out and Wilem just continued along for the ride.


Ben Coffey putting in the time at his go to spot.


Miles Dreszer probably throwing the double bird because I’m where he would rather be. At least one of us got some cover up right?


As the sun sets this time of year, the cliff blocks the setting sun’s light. Miles Clanton about to head into the darkness.


The cliff at Steamer Lane offers up a unique vantage point allowing viewers to get up and close to the surfers, but watch where you stand, or you might get sprayed.


Miles and Gabe listen on as Adam Bartlett describes the double overheader he just got.


Jamie Jones watches on as Nat takes to the sky.

Photos: Kenan Chan

Kenan Chan

About Kenan Chan

Kenan Chan is a 21 year old student and photographer with special interest in action sports and nature photography. To see more of Kenan's work follow him on Instagram (@kenanchan) and check out his website at www.kenanchanphotography.com

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