Welcome Back North Swell

It seems the Northern Pacific Ocean has kicked back to life and is sending pulses of swell our way pretty consistently already, with the latest of these pulses being large enough to make Mavericks break.  Looks like this El Niño people have been talking up for the last year may be the real deal.  Hopefully we can get some good surf before the rain really starts coming down!  Here are some images I’ve captured on my travels around town during this recent swell.


Photos: Alex Kiuchi


  • _AAK4433


  • _AAK4503


  • _AAK4544


  • _AAK4517


  • _AAK4759


  • _AAK4908


  • _AAK4916


  • _AAK5053-Pano


  • _AAK4955


  • _AAK5140


  • _AAK5236


  • _AAK5254


  • _AAK5305


  • _AAK5383


  • _AAK5407


  • _AAK5431


  • _AAK5467


  • _AAK5717


  • _AAK5807


  • _AAK5810


  • _AAK5844


  • _AAK5858


  • _AAK5873


  • _AAK5890


  • _AAK5916


  • _AAK6019


  • _AAK6065


Alex Kiuchi

About Alex Kiuchi

Born and raised on the west side of Santa Cruz, Alex was naturally drawn to the ocean , and after taking up photography early in high school, he eventually combined the two passions and has now been shooting professionally for several years.

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