Steamer Lane Air Show

The Lane saw some fun sized swell rolling over the reefs Wednesday evening.  The tide was dropping negative(due to the “king tides” we are currently experiencing) giving me a chance to get some angles I can rarely ever capture out of the water.  A fairly good sized crowd was out taking advantage of the swell and great weather, but the usual suspects still stood out from the rest as always.

Surfers include: Joel Yien, Autumn Hays, Ben & Sam Coffey, and Alo Slebir

Photos: Alex Kiuchi

  • _AAK0173


  • _AAK0177


  • _AAK0184


  • _AAK0206-Pano


  • _AAK0223


  • _AAK0246


  • _AAK0276


  • _AAK0295


  • _AAK0320


  • _AAK0329


  • _AAK0338


  • _AAK0341


  • _AAK0342


  • _AAK0343


  • _AAK0344


  • _AAK0345


  • _AAK0346


  • _AAK0348


  • _AAK0349


  • _AAK0352


  • _AAK0361


  • _AAK0371


  • _AAK0379


  • _AAK0414


  • _AAK0428


  • _AAK0443


  • _AAK0465


  • _AAK0471


  • _AAK0485


  • _AAK0510


  • _AAK0515


  • _AAK0517


  • _AAK0521


  • _AAK0525


  • _AAK0550


  • _AAK0566


  • _AAK0595


  • _AAK0599


  • _AAK0625


  • _AAK0629


  • _AAK0656


  • _AAK0663


  • _AAK0669


  • _AAK0686


  • _AAK0705


  • _AAK0723


  • _AAK0734


  • _AAK0740


  • _AAK0761


  • _AAK0765


  • _AAK0821


  • _AAK0822


  • _AAK0823


  • _AAK0824


  • _AAK0825


  • _AAK0826


  • _AAK0827


  • _AAK0829


  • _AAK0830


  • _AAK0838


  • _AAK0868


  • _AAK0897


Alex Kiuchi

About Alex Kiuchi

Born and raised on the west side of Santa Cruz, Alex was naturally drawn to the ocean , and after taking up photography early in high school, he eventually combined the two passions and has now been shooting professionally for several years.

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