Benefits of Massage

It’s always nice to have a loved one give you a Massage in the comfort of your own home, however its difficult to rival a professional. A CMT, or Certified Massage Therapist can make all of the difference in how you are feeling. Now research has concluded that bodywork can ease sleep deprivation, keep you healthy, and ease symptoms PM, and that is only the beginning of how Massage can help. The incredible benefits of therapeutic bodywork are why gyms like Santa Cruz Core Fitness + Rehab include Massage in the list of services we provide.

Still unsure of how you could benefit from massage? Consider the following testimonial:

“I walked into Core in intense shoulder and neck pain and was able to received treatment within hours. After my assessment and treatment I walked out of Core feeling intensely relieved of my pain…” – Elaine C.


Our recommendation:

One should of course, enjoy the occasional Massage from your significant other, however put aside time for some professional body work, as well.

Massage is particularly beneficial for issues such as lower-back discomfort. Additionally, studies have shown show back massage lessens levels of the anxiety by regulating the hormone cortisol while boosting “happy” hormones serotonin and dopamine. In addition, Massage can reduce or eliminate mild to extreme headaches, improve performance at work and in athletics, and some have reported a decrease in pain caused by fibromyalgia. Many professional athletes use Massage as a way to alleviate pain, stiff muscles, or other soreness associated with their intense training.

If you have trouble sleeping, consider Massage as a way to relax. Studies have shown that body work can help produce delta waves which are associated with restful sleep according to the Touch Research Institute.

Feeling groggy and a bit slow? The Touch Research Institute says 15 minutes of chair Massage supported sharpness. For employees, this could be a great reason to incorporate Corporate Chair Massage into their Employee Wellness Programs. “Subjects reported that it felt like a runner’s high,” Field says. Tests likewise demonstrate that cerebrum wave action invigorated by back rub is connected to enhanced concentration.

A little investigation of 24 ladies with extreme PMS found that back rub decreased symp­toms, for example, cramps, bloating, and those unbearable emotional ups and downs. Skip the sweets and go see a Massage Therapist.

Massage is considered alternative care for many people, but for others they incorporate it into their weekly routines. With the innumerable amount of benefits not limited to those discussed in this article, it’s clear to see why.

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