Sunny Days

With the cold and wet weather, I was inspired to look back to a nice day we had near the end of last year. It was a sunny morning with a little briskness in the air. Just cool enough to make you think twice before pulling on that wet wetsuit. I was in a time crunch to get down to Monterey for a conference but knew the waves were pretty good and wanted to try and get a few shots. I was getting ready to leave when Tyler Fox ran by, all excited and pumped up by the waves. So I stayed. I had seen the left working but nobody was really going for it, but I knew Tyler would. So take a moment, if you choose, to look through these photos while it’s raining and cold outside.

Kenan Chan


A group of surfers wait for the right time to walk to the cliffs edge as a wave washes over the jump-off-point.


Middle Peak.


Tyler Fox warming up on the shoulder of a MP left.


Tyler and the Goldilocks effect. Someone too deep, someone watching from the shoulder, and Tyler… just right.

dsc_4953 Tyler sat and waited patiently for a wave like this to come his way.

dsc_4969And it formed up to a pretty nice left.

dsc_5061Quite a few onlookers came out to watch the show.

dsc_5118Set up bottom turn into the pocket…

dsc_5121…on another left.


dsc_5145Scraping over a clean up set.

Kenan Chan

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Kenan Chan is a 21 year old student and photographer with special interest in action sports and nature photography. To see more of Kenan's work follow him on Instagram (@kenanchan) and check out his website at

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