Santa Cruz Waves in Zambia


Every time I’ve volunteered at the orphan center in Mansa, there’s a distinct and unique gratitude that those around me have. It’s a pure relief to them when they get what they need, but genuine panic until they are sure they have it. So much has been taken away from these children, that it’s hard for them to trust the things that are freely given to them. It’s one of the most beautiful things to watch that trust start to grow again and watch them rediscover what they need will not always be taken away from them. It’s always been my experience that immaterial gifts—like time, intentionality, and investment—are far more effective at building sustainable trust than material gifts, however that reality does not detract from the gratitude that comes from a person who has nothing when they are clothed and fed. The donations of shirts from Santa Cruz Waves and other local organizations were crucial to these children having what they need and developing a relationship of trust with them throughout the course of our trip.


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