Epoche: Starring Kassia Meador

“It has been nearly 7 years to the day (march 13th, 2010) since the inception of our film, Epoche. To be able to work alongside my childhood idle, Sonny Miller, and also with Kassia Meador has been the highlight of my creative life. It’s rare that a person can dream, and share a dream with individuals who are committed to a common goal, a vision, and through a great many obstacles and challenges, they remain. That is truly unique. Coach Eric Taylor says it best, “Clear Eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” When Sonny passed, it was devastating on all levels. Yes, we had a film to finish, but it was a crushing blow on the human level. Sonny was as kind, genuine, and inspiring as he was talented. Our film is dedicated to Sonny, to all that he gave us and all he shared. His spirit lives on in the archives of his radiant imagery. Scott Soens was a dream to work with and finish out our principle photography. In the darkness, Scott showed up, and yes, he was the light. Thinking of the orchestration of the other talented artists who came in to contribute to this film: Benjamin Mahoney, Michael Quinn, Burke Roberts, Mimi Wada, we’re overwhelmed with gratitude. The intention of this film is in its vision and scope. It is our deepest hope that we are able to share our film with people from all walks of life. This film is for everyone, as there is no exclusion. We can only hope that Epoche touches the mind and spirit, of someone, somewhere.” – Bruce Muller


In order to bring the film to life, those behind the film started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds. You can support it here.


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