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KraftBar delivers all the amenities and aesthetic of a posh bar distilled into a 1965 Airstream

 By Aric Sleeper

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 Sipping a top-shelf cocktail, enveloped by the warm light and oak-laden interior of KraftBar, it’s easy to forget that this unique lounge lies within the pristine chrome shell of a 1965 Airstream trailer.

This upscale, roving cocktail lounge is the lovechild of Santa Cruz-based wife-and-husband team Breana and Toby White, whose expertise in culinary arts and event coordination melded together to form KraftBar.

 “We wanted to create a business that gave us freedom and flexibility where we could still be able to do what we are good at. We thought we’d do a food truck originally, but then we got the idea to create a mobile bar,” says Breana White. “And the idea of it just seemed like so much more fun.”

The name KraftBar is a nod to their rotating menu of craft beer, wine, and cocktails—offerings that are in constant flux to accommodate the environment and event they’re serving.

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“We try to serve as much local beer and wine as possible,” says White. “We often work with Alfaro [Family Vineyards & Winery], as well as Santa Cruz Ale Works, New Bohemia [Brewing Co.], and Discretion Brewing. We’ve also teamed up with Venus Spirits, which is a lot fun.”

KraftBar works with clients’ preferences to create a customized menu, but also offers a list of its own specialty cocktails. White’s favorite of the signature concoctions she serves is the rosemary whiskey sour.

“I love to make this drink for the people who say they don’t like whiskey to show them that they really do,” says White. “I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like it.”

In their first year of operating, the couple has towed KraftBar to breathtaking landscapes in Bonny Doon, the coast of Carmel, and as far away as Grass Valley.

“One of the best things about running a mobile event business is all of the beautiful places you get to go—places you wouldn’t necessarily see on your own that you get to explore—and all the people you get meet that you necessarily wouldn’t meet,” says White.

Unfortunately, KraftBar is limited to operating within the confines of private property as Santa Cruz County has limiting laws for mobile establishments.

“Nobody really knows what to do with us,” says White. “We face all the hurdles of food trucks and then have to deal with liquor licenses, which can cost thousands of dollars. It would be great if becomes easier to serve the public in the future, especially as more businesses like ours pop up, but we knew it would be challenging when we started.”

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Now that the Whites have endured the challenges that come with the chaotic nature of serving events (however well planned), they’re geared up for the upcoming spring and summer season of graduations, weddings, and backyard get-togethers.

“I’m excited to build a team and have KraftBar operating every weekend,” says White. “We’ve worked out the kinks of our first year and have everything dialed in, and I’m excited to get back to work.”

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