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Our City crews worked around the clock given the intense rains of January and February.

At least 100 emergency calls were received regarding tree damage citywide and throughout the riparian corridor.




Whole trees and thousands of limbs were cleared from land, river and wetlands.

Miraculously, no persons were harmed despite the trauma of the many massive fallen trees.


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About 200 feet of Upper Park Road was damaged by accumulation of water during the recent storms. Emergency repair is currently underway.


upper rd 2


The January 21 high surf event filled our beaches with driftwood. Clean-up began the next day, yet given continuing storms, clean-up is still underway over a month later.


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Two to five equipment operators and two to five drivers have been working five days a week with help on several occasions from the Conservation Corps and Save Our Shores volunteers.


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Flood Control and pump crews worked hard keeping drains and catch basins cleared, responding to pump station high water alerts, removing San Lorenzo River bank debris, and answering calls for service. A storm line on King Street was cleared and flooding on Josephine Street was abated. Crews’ 24/7 efforts averted flooding at the landfill pump station where electrical use registered nearly 400 percent of normal due to the increased amounts of groundwater.




Nearly 600 potholes brought on by the intense rains have been repaired by our streets crews. Their other storm work has included preparing sandbags, cleaning up landslides, clearing mud, debris  and downed trees from many areas including the levee path, clearing catch basins and removing excess sediment from drainage ways.




Streets crews also barricaded a portion of the pathway on West Cliff Drive near Chico Avenue when the bluff dramatically and dangerously eroded from the intense weather and wave action. Our engineering team is working on plans to move the path further from the coast as soon as we have steady good weather.


west cliff


Our storm-related repairs will end eventually, but our storm maintenance work continues as part of our ongoing commitment to provide the highest quality service in supporting City infrastructure and the Santa Cruz community.

More information on City repair work is available at








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