Film Screening: Island Earth

Perhaps the greatest threat facing the world today is how we will feed ourselves in the coming decades. Experts warn we will have to grow as much food in the next 35 years to sustain ourselves as we’ve grown in the history of human civilization. Could GMO’s help solve this pending crisis? Or will they spell destruction for life on Earth?
Per acre more GMO crops are grown in Hawaii than anywhere else in the world. Hawaii is a microcosm for both the world’s food problems and solutions. Pre-contact Hawaiian societies perfected some of the most advanced sustainable farming systems ever documented. Island Earth follows a group of Hawaiians trying to turn Hawaii into a beacon of hope in the face of the GMO controversy.
Featuring (in order of appearance) – Malia Chun, La’Akea Chun, Lei’ohu Chun, Peter Vitousek, Cliff Kapono, Dennis Gonzalves, Ashley Lukens, Gary Hooser, Matt Snowden, Nathanael Johnson, Claire Kremen, Margaret Wille, Joel Borne Jr., Tyrone Hayes, Dustin Barca, Vince Mina, La’Akea Carvahlo, Lainoa Carvahlo, Alika Atay, Rebekah Kuby, Geoff Lawton, Dean Wilhelm, Kamuela Enos
Directed by Cyrus Sutton
Edited by Asako Ushio
Cinematography by Cyrus Sutton
Additional Footage- Sam Kapoi, Cliff Kapono, Cliff Endsley, Jensen Young Sik, La’akea Carvahlo, Ena Media, Change For Balance, KIITV.
Producers- Annabel Pirrie, Gabriela Aoun and Daniel Perlaky
Executive Producer- Dan Katz
Financing Producers- Haley Alexander van Oosten and Thilo Dieckmann
Associate producers- Mariana Wall, Brian More, Charles Post, Hayden Peters, Natalie Jacobs, and Erica Silverman
Legal Supervision- Chris Cohen
Assistant Editor Chris Olivas
Animations by Jill Black
Illustrations by Sarah Niemann
Poster Art- Blaze Syka and Kelsey Brookes
Original Score by Austin Ray ©2016
Sound Design and Mixing- Hugh Sandys
Music Licensing Supervision Chad Davis
Production Assistants- Leah Dawson, Sam Kapoi and Cori Chang
Distribution Consultant Brian Newman
Print Support- The Ecology Center and Loam Magazine

Island Earth Trailer from on Vimeo.


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