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  1. It is great news it survived! But I was thinking shark steaks for dinner.. just being honest! :0)

  2. I hope somone called for help for this shark instead of just videoiing it suffering. There are rescues that will help. Call USCG for info, National Marine Fisheries might have info.

  3. Sad . Hope they got some help. Way too close for that person to be near. Sea of Cortez. Not Santa Cruz.

  4. This is not Santa Cruz..it’s Mexico 🇲🇽. They don’t have the resources you guys are taking about and it clearly you didn’t listen to and watch the entire video..

  5. Toward the end he identifies it’s the Sea of Cortez.

  6. Sounds like this happened in Mexico?? In Baja I think. He says in the video, if you are wondering if there are any great white sharks in the sea of Cortez.

  7. This was in the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. So calling the USCG would not help. Let nature take its course with a predator like that. It’s a dangerous animal. Could easily have killed that guy if he got too close

  8. I am with Becky Pierson I hope somebody called for help instead of just watching that poor shark suffer

  9. Has the Shark been helped? Local PD or Animal Control should have the resources or a referral to get humane help for this shark

  10. Agreed.. I’m hoping someone called to get it help instead of standing around staring at it

  11. Sorry this was not Santa Cruz but the Sea of Cortez……….its well known that whites go there to give birth

  12. I kept yelling “get out if the water” at the guys filming lol! Glad the shark made it I guess… But OMG walking on an injured white? Thanks for a great bit if wildlife video! Glad y’all did not get crunched!

  13. I am glad it all went well.
    You have had a lifetime experience.
    Hope your friend is well.
    Thankyour for sharing.
    All the time I was sure the shark would pull through. They are tough creatures.
    Hugz fraom Denmark

  14. The man in the video says “Sea of Cortez”. If you look at the land, you can see it’s not Santa Cruz.

  15. He said in the video, it’s the Sea of Cortez and not Santa Cruz.

  16. This is Mexico, not Santa Cruz, CA…come on pple, beach and torrain is way different..

  17. How could you just leave it there and not call a marine specialist for help? I don’t think the shark would come to shore unless it was asking for help?!

  18. Who would actually get near that thing? It can eat you!

  19. They said it was in the Sea of Cortez… Baja California

  20. in the video he says he’s in the Sea of Cortez (Baja) not Santa Cruz

  21. Wow, never would have thought a great white would be that far up our coast or that close to shore

  22. I hope someone helped the shark even if it is a man eater. It looks like it is hurt.

  23. This was in Mexico. The guy videoing this poor animal said something about the Sea of Cortez. Not imprsssed at all. That shark was suffering and from what I can see, not one of those guys did a thing. The locals weren’t any better. Shameful. If I’m wrong, tell me about it. Prob it. At this point, I’m not impressed at all by any of these guys. The guy who got stung by the ray deserved it. Grow up and get lost! 😡

  24. Knuckle heads. Santa Cruz in the sea of Cortez. Mexico. Notice them speaking Spanish.

  25. That makes me sad…as deadly as they are, you gotta have mad respect for a great white and not take for granted the fact that the ocean is his territory, not ours….p.s. that’s Sea of Cortez, in Baja California…not Santa Cruz. To the commenter who asked.

  26. Oh no, the shark was badly hurt I really hope someone got the shark help!

  27. No it’s not Santa Cruz California!

    The person recording clearly says The Sea of Cortez….

    You don’t call the U.S.C.G out to Mexico..

  28. This is in the Sea of Cortez Baja California. Not much anything you can do down there. Not even shoot it, because guns are not allowed.

  29. If you watch the video, he says they are in the Sea of Cortez–Mexico.

  30. This is in the sea of Cortez not Monterey , Ca. But there are great whites in Monterey !

  31. I only pray that someone called fish wildlife and parks to report this shark and to get it some help

  32. See…I new the writer of JAWS knew what he was talking about. Three feet of water!

  33. Who gives a flying fuck where it was. The shit is real and totally fucking awesome. I’m sure those sharks pretend they need help to lure humans into the water for dinner.

  34. are there really this many utterly stupid people that seem to think it is in Santa Cruz CA when he says Sea of Cortez and is often speaking in Spanish ??? what crappy observational skills !!! and even a few who thought is was unusual for Great Whites to be so far north ?!?! (obviously they know NOTHING about the species but still open their mouths and make comments) and just what help can he get for a shark in Mexico ?!?! he pointed to his house, seemed knowledgable, quickly observed and came to his conclusion so appears level headed… compassion but no common sense by many comments here…

  35. Injured, maybe dying shark. This is nature, let it take its course and don’t harass the animal.

  36. Problem with the video is that it would be a great teaching/educational tool for students of ALL ages if it weren’t for the excessive usage of profanity. If you have to use profanity all the time, it demonstrates your lack of vocabulary to illustrate your emotions. That being said, sharks are marvelous, resilient creatures able to withstand the harshest environments and situations. The profanity laden statements of “bleeding out” were a result of the blood the animal was losing mixing with the sediment being stirred in the surf from the shark’s propulsion from it’s massive tail fin. If the shark had been bleeding it, I doubt it would have been able to propel itself around in circles in the surf to keep in water just deep enough to flow through it’s gills if it was bleeding out as the gentleman stated several times. Still, despite the prepubescent language, this is a wonderful, rare opportunity to view one of Earth’s top, elite predators trying to “heal” or recuperate itself. Magnificent creature!

  37. Just wondering where in Baja was this shot. Was it near San Felipe or further south. Would like to know the exact location.

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