Santa Cruz Waves Magazine Vol 1.1 – June / July 2014

Featured Articles from Vol 1.1

  • Nelly's Fav 5

    Nelly's Fav 5

  • What's Your Surfing Achilles' Heel?

    What's Your Surfing Achilles' Heel?

  • Adventure Time with Ryan "Chachi" Craig

    Adventure Time with Ryan "Chachi" Craig

  • Artist Profile: Gary Irving

    Artist Profile: Gary Irving

  • What's Your Deal? Dave Grimes

    What's Your Deal? Dave Grimes

  • The Craft Beer Revolution

    The Craft Beer Revolution

  • A Trip with Tepui

    A Trip with Tepui

  • Growing Possibilities: The Green Water Garden

    Growing Possibilities: The Green Water Garden

  • Gluten-Free, Vegan, Organic (and Delicious!) Pad Thai

    Gluten-Free, Vegan, Organic (and Delicious!) Pad Thai

  • Fit to Surf

    Fit to Surf

  • Joey Wolfe & Paradigm Sport

    Joey Wolfe & Paradigm Sport

  • Lighthouse Point: A History

    Lighthouse Point: A History

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2 comments on “Santa Cruz Waves Magazine Vol 1.1 – June / July 2014

    October 29, 2015 Michelle Bean, DC
    (831) 239-9326

    Santa Cruz Challenge Registration Begins November 2

    Santa Cruz, Calif.—Santa Cruz Challenge (SCC), a multi-faceted community-wide health and fitness program, will begin registration November 2, and for the first time, will feature a free one-day “Start With Yourself” event on January 23rd before the full 12-week series of classes kick-off on January 30th.

    “We’ll be giving practical and inspiring information on identifying, setting, and attaining specific goals for the New Year,” said Michele Bean, DC, co-owner/founder. “We’re also going to help locals find happiness, mindfulness and community in our everyday activities, and how this adds value to our overall health.

    The free workshop also will include an overview of SCC and a question and answer session while the kickoff weekend includes an initial health and fitness assessment, and a discussion on how to be successful in the Santa Cruz Challenge in the next 12 weeks in reaching health and fitness goals.
    Prior to the kick-off, there will be an evening meeting to create Vision Board’s and set up accountability buddies, which is the best method to get Challengers to complete the entire 12-week program. Bean added.

    During the 12-week 2016 SCC, a cooking class series, information on detox/cleanses, and talks on relationships, healthy finances, healthy sexuality, stress management, injury prevention, and a running clinic will be featured. More than 15 fitness studios will be participating as well as numerous local sponsors such as Luma Yoga, Breathe Deeply Pilates, Aerial Arts Santa Cruz, Therapilates, School of Disc Golf, Pickleball, Monarch Fencing, CrossFit Amundson and more.

    Those that register in November will receive a special discount, as the cost will increase in December and January. Register online at, or by calling (831) 239-9326, or by emailing

    Santa Cruz Challenge, Inc., is a local, community-wide event that places emphasis on physical fitness, nutrition, self-cultivation, community, and living a balanced life. SCC focuses on the local economy and strives to connect residents with other locally-owned small businesses for their health and fitness goals. For more information, call (831) 239-9326, visit or email


  2. IN 1969 I LIVED ON 7TH AVE. & E. CLIFF DRIVE, SANTA CRUZ, CA. that means i lived on the street overlooking the Pacific Ocean. there were only surfers and hippies on the whole stretch far as the eye could see. I’m a hippie chick or was….and i’ve seen pictures of the end of 7th ave. where the tree stands overlooking the ocean. OR at least it did then. the whole section of cliff fell into the ocean in the ’80s. I really appreciate any images that you could find of the area around my time. it’s specially hard because cameras were a rarity then. Please search for these pics for me!!

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