Santa Cruz Waves Magazine Vol 1.3 – Oct / Nov 2014

Featured Articles from Vol 1.3

Word on the Street: How has surfing changed your life?
Grom Spotlight: Jack “The Ripper” Conti
What’s Your Deal? Rose Calucchia
Smart Choices and Seafood Watch
In Depth: Water Quality at Cowell Beach
Santa Cruz After Dark
Behind the Lens: Nikki Brooks
Travel: A Trip to Kauai
Local Company Story: NHS, Inc.
Sports Achievement: Mike Dilloughery
Outdoors: Biking Trails
Fashion: Fall Trends
Artist Profile: Darrin Caddes
Local History: West Cliff Drive & The Wave Motor
Local Eats: Food Trucks
7 Days of Happy Hours
Music: Boostive
Product Review: Electric Bikes

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