Interview with Honeypot


Describe your sound for those who haven’t heard it.
Wes: I play a drum set that hasn’t been tuned in like 10 years.
Buzz: If you don’t have ear plugs in you blink involuntarily. It’s raw instruments, it’s tube amps, it’s raw. We’ve got a big sound I like big guitar. I like to stretch it out and make myself feel vulnerable. I pretty much pretend that Wes and I are the only people in the room.
Wes: Rock and Roll. Funk and Roll.

How did you guys form?
Buzz: Brett was the first guy I met in college. I moved in, was like, “see ya mom”, turned around, and Brett was there with a buddy of mine.
Wes: I had Core class with Buzz and Brett, too, so I met them there. Buzz, Brett, and I played a song for our final project, and then I didn’t see them for another year or so. Then I ran into Buzz on campus in Sophomore year and we started jamming.
Buzz: Yeah we started playing this riff we had, and Wes was like, “What do you want on this?”. I said, “I don’t know, what do you want? I don’t play drums, you’re the fucking drummer.”
Wes: Yeah so they loved me.

Has your sound changed much since you started?
Wes: Yeah, we played a lot of classic rock. That was the only thing we had in common musically.
Buzz: Just this year, I sorta figured out how to play with you guys. I was playing a lot with myself. I was trying to get myself off, and that’s not very listenable. Or watchable. Unless you’re into that stuff.
Wes: Yeah but we all discovered that we had this collective interest in funk. Even though we don’t listen to much funk music. For some reason we can play it.

What would you say the main reason that people enjoy your shows is?
Wes: We give them free beer, probably. I don’t know, I think people enjoy moving around a bit and there’s that aspect to it.
Buzz: I have a blast doing it and I think it’s fun to watch people who are having fun. That’s so important when you see a band. I hate seeing bands that take themselves too seriously. Maybe a little too up-tight or too cool for school. We make it clear that we’re a bunch of goofballs.
Wes: People give us their hearts but we don’t ask for their souls.

What was the best show you’ve ever played?
Buzz: We love the Poet and the Patriot.
Wes: Yeah we do. Those are free, those are always the best. It’s a turnoff to have to pay to go to a show. All our friends see us all the time and we have a great support group and everything, but 50 bucks isn’t going to do anything for us, and it’s a turnoff to pay to see us again.

What was the worst?
Buzz: It’s between two of them. One, we played in San Francisco at a bar called Kimo’s. My amp was broken so I was using this digital amp. And I mic’d it up which we’ve never done before or since. The sound guy said something like, “just mic it up, don’t worry about it!”.
Wes: That was the only show Buzz’s dad went to.
Buzz: He said, “You’d better do well in school”. If you don’t hear the sounds well, you won’t enjoy it. The absolute worst show we played was at this place called the Funk Factory. I got there like an hour late because I got really lost driving up the 9. The ceiling was like 6’8”, I’m 6’5”. We had the amps on fucking 10 and everyone left the room. It was the worst. There were like 3 people on mushrooms staring at the floor. And then Annyong.
Wes: Oh yeah Annyong from Arrested Development was there.
Buzz: He was staying at our house. They came up and they were stoned out of their minds while we deafened them. That kid probably got a weird show. The kid smokes a lot of pot.


Who writes your songs?
Buzz: We kinda bang off each other.
Wes: Buzz and Phil wrote the majority of our first song, called “Space”.
Buzz: But it’s hard to say “write”. We didn’t come in saying “OK, the drums are going to be like this, and then Brett is going to play this on bass.”
Wes: Those two always come up with riffs and then we just kinda jam them out. We started recording all our practices because that’s really the only way we can write songs.


How do you feel about music piracy?
Wes: I’m all for it. You know Radiohead released a free album. People paid them for it. It’s not about the money it’s about what you can do. We always try to play for the critics like the jazz snobs.
Buzz: The jewel in our sense is that we like playing live. I have the most fun and I stretch out and play better than I do in a practice, where I have a short attention span. If we could make a living playing live, I mean, fuck me.
Wes: I like to appreciate music instead of exploit it. We don’t give a shit about money. It feels weird getting paid for playing.
Buzz: It’s like, “what did we do to deserve this?”




What has been your biggest obstacle?
Wes: First, playing in Santa Cruz is almost impossible. We racked up over $4000 in tickets for playing in our house. We got the house because our landlord told us we’d be able to play music but we ended up getting fined. That really discouraged us. And these guys are terrible with their phones.
Buzz: I don’t even have my phone now.

Where do you see yourselves in five years?
Wes: We don’t really think like that. But the gears are moving, we got ourselves a manager, Magic. But our band is more about pleasing ourselves rather than making it to the top.

Why should I go to your show?
Wes: Shit, well I’d tell you not to.
Buzz: Well, between Wes’s drool and my sweat you’ll probably get a free shower. Bring some soap and I think you’re ready to have a nice clean night.
Wes: Do I drool?

Honeypot plays September 15th at the Crepe Place, so go check them out!


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