Model of the Month Brittany

SCW: Name, age, hometown?

BN: Brittany Norris, 28, Folsom, CA

SCW: So we know a little about Folsom… it is on the way to Tahoe and you have a prison that Johnny Cash used to play in. Have you even been to the prison?

BN: I sure have – but not to stay (laughing) I actually got to go to the cafeteria where Johnny Cash performed at Folsom Prison.

SCW: That must have been cool! Was it a field trip? Kinda like going to the aquarium for Santa Cruz Kids?

BN: Ha, yeah, something like that. The general public doesn’t usually get to go inside of the prison gates, but I snuck in.

SCW: Well now we are intrigued… tell us a little more about sneaking into a prison when you normally hear about sneaking out of a prison.

BN: It’s just a lot easier to get in than it is to get out! (laughs) I’m kidding…my friend worked for the prison and they do a friends and family day once a year. The guards warn you to enter at your own risk though; if they have to shoot, they’re not guaranteeing they’ll shoot around you. It was quite an experience! I think I’ll stay on this side of the gates from now on though.

SCW: Wow, that sounds like a scary fun dinner party! You are a brave one! So what brought you to Santa Cruz?

BN: The ocean…I just can’t stay away from it!

SCW: Well we at Santa Cruz Waves totally understand that! What is your relationship with the ocean?

BN: It’s a serious one ;] I just love being near the ocean. I get up to take pix of the sunrise at the beach almost every morning. And I love letting my dog run around on the beach (until the rangers bust me). It’s just such a calming, beautiful place to be!

SCW: So when are you going to get in the ocean and try a little surfing? If you can hang out at a prison some little waves won’t scare you!

BN: Haha, true… I learned in Hawaii a few years ago, but haven’t braved the cold waters here. A couple of my friends have been urging me to go out with them lately, so looks like I’ll have to give it a shot soon!

SCW: We recommend it!  Best therapy in the world!  You mentioned that you also enjoy being behind the camera, tell us a little more about that.

BN: I just can’t get enough of it!  I’m always seeking that perfect shot and when I get one, I’m too excited to do anything else until it’s edited and posted. There’s just something about capturing a moment and getting to look back at it forever. My friends laugh at me because I’m always stopping to take a photo of something or other. Haha! I’m planning to upgrade my equipment and take some courses so I can expand my skill set.

SCW: Very cool! Well when you’re ready we would love to share some of your photography on Santa Cruz Waves!  Now comes the million dollar question…Are you a dog or a cat person?

BN: Easy – dog person, through and through!

SCW: Wanna tell us a little about your dog?

BN: Absolutely! I have the cutest dog – her name is Wednesday Blanket. She’s a Chihuahua Jack Russell mix – so lots of energy, but even more personality. She poses for me during photo shoots and she’s a killer road trip companion. Her favorite color is green and she loves Kid Rock almost as much as I do. We’re pretty much inseparable!

SCW: Well, she sounds awesome too!  So we heard it was your life goal to meet Kid Rock and you recently did just that. What was that like for you?

BN: Amazing. I can’t even put it into words. I’m just looking for a new life goal now that I’ve accomplished that!


SCW: Well sounds like surfing is up next! What has been your favorite thing about Santa Cruz so far?

BN: Yeah, I guess you’re right! Hmm…favorite thing? That’s a tough one. I think just the variety of the area; you’ve got beach, mountains, and country all so close together. SC county has the best of all worlds!

SCW: We agree 100%! Thank you for your time, we have enjoyed chatting with you Miss March! Any parting words of wisdom for our audience?

BN: I’ve enjoyed chatting with you guys!  And my words of wisdom are always “Shine on!”

SCW: Awesome! Thanks Brittany and keep on being your rad self!




Photos: Ben Ingram


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