Model of the Month Gaby


 Striped Tank Panel Dress by Synergy Organic Clothing. Hat courtesy of Tomboy.

SCW:  Hello Gaby how ya doing?


Gaby: Doing pretty good except dealing with a little bit of a cold right now.  Things could be worse!


SCW: Ahh sorry to hear that!   Been doing too much dancing in the rain and got yourself sick huh?;)


Gaby: Hahah you can say that.


SCW: Is it true??


Gaby: More like hot tubing on cold nights:)


SCW: Well that sound equally as fun!  So tell a little bit about yourself…  Passions? Goals?  Weird habits?


Gaby: Just trying to better myself in all ways possible. Passionate about health and fitness and being a better person.  As well as an avid food lover!


SCW: So how does that work?   You’re a food lover as well as being passionate about health and fitness.  Are you a “healthy” food lover?   Or can you pretty stay fit while eating whatever you please?


Gaby: It’s hard at times. I was the girl who wanted a cheeseburger or pizza 24/7. Had to switch things up a bit. I just keep a healthy balance now. I still eat what I want but also workout everyday.


Gaby wears the Strapless Twist Dress by Synergy Organic Clothing.


SCW: Ya it’s hard to pass up on that pizza…  So what does your average workout look like?


Gaby: Usually some cardio like running at the beach or going on hikes. Then I like to do some weight training afterwards.


SCW: Summer is right around the corner do you have any trips planned?


Gaby: Trying to make it up to Mexico this summer. My family has a condo over in Puerto Vallarta which I think is the  perfect vacation spot.


Zip Moto Dress by Synergy


SCW: Mmm sounds relaxing…


SCW: If you were granted 3 wishes from a magic genie what would those wishes be?


Gaby: End world hunger, have wealth to be able help those in need and travel.


Striped Tank Panel Dress by Synergy. Hat courtesy of Tomboy.


SCW: Ideal day in Santa Cruz?


Gaby: Start the day off with a run. Grab an acai bowl and tan my life away at the beach while reading a good book.


Zip Moto Dress by Synergy. Hat courtesy of Tomboy.


SCW:  We know your feeling crummy so we’ll end it with your favorite quote or saying?


Gaby: Be gentle. Fill yourself up with love instead of hate. Fill yourself up with art, books, knowledge, experiences.  Surround yourself with people who have nothing but love to give.  These things are important. They will help you learn how to love.  – (a.y)

gaby 7

Strapless Twist Dress by Synergy.

SCW:  That was “lovely” 😉  Thank for your time Gaby!


Gaby:  Thanks you!

All Photos: Tyler Fox

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Striped Tank Panel Dress by Synergy. Boots courtesy of Tomboy.




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  1. Beautiful woman, great looking clothes! She seems like a very nice, level headed person. Winner all around! 🙂

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  4. More vapid garbage from SC Waves. The least you could do is get an interviewer that speaks in full sentences. Proof reading could be helpful as well.

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