A More Balanced BBQ

It’s officially summer, the season for barbeques! This is a fun time of year spent outside in the warm sun or spending evenings eating delicious food with friends and family. For most, BBQs are best when they have ample amounts of beer, meat, and snacks like chips or buffalo wings. But, this isn’t the only menu that will make an outdoor cookout delicious. Here are some tips to help make this summer BBQ season a little bit healthier.

Save yourself from overeating by drinking more water.
We are made up of 70-80% water so it makes sense that it is super important to drink up! Though it seems like common sense, studies show 75% of Americans live in a chronic state of dehydration. So next time you reach for something to eat, remember that 30% of the time you feel hungry it’s actually because you are thirsty! Alternate your beverage of choice with a glass of water and avoid the age old dilemma of overeating at a BBQ. We recommend drinking eight ounces of water an hour and if it is hot out or you are exercising more water may be necessary.

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Add some Fiber to the Fireworks!
Most of us associate fiber with bread, but that doesn’t mean extra hot dog buns. Ditch the chips and buns, and eat some celery instead. This will ensure that you aren’t feeling backed up the day after a fun night. We all know that’s no fun.

Alternatives to traditional BBQ food
While celebrating the American Revolution, take advantage of the current Food Revolution. There are so many recipes alternatives out there that people have already thought of! We like Pinterest because it’s got tons of healthy alternatives. balanced bbq pic2

Adding a bit of exercise to a BBQ is easy and fun! During this season, when the weather is nice burn some extra calories and be outside. It is also a good idea to stay off the road when traffic is hectic. Try riding a bike, or take advantage of the warm summer evenings and days to take a nice stroll to your next BBQ function. Please remember to BIKE RESPONSIBLY.

Here is a fun recipe that is great fun for everyone!

Recipe of the Week:

Fruit Popsicles:

One super easy alternative to traditional BBQ sweets are fruit popsicles! Take your favorite fruits, blend them up with a little almond milk and freeze them in popsicle trays. This makes a delicious homemade yummy treat on a warm night.


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