A Trip with Tepui


By Dani Julien

Tepui Tents are durable and comfortable roof top tents that can go just about anywhere. We took a test run of the “Autana Sky Tent” for a weekend down the Big Sur Coast and were nothing short of impressed with everything we got.

We showed up at the Tepui shop in Soquel to have the tent put on the truck. When we arrived, there was a knowledge- able and service oriented crew ready to help. The easy installation took about thirty minutes, giving us just enough time to grab a beer or two at the brewery next door. To get started, all that was needed is a roof rack system (they recommend Yakima or Thule) and their tents can mount to any vehicle.

Once we were set up, we packed our boards and hit the road to surf Sand Dollar for a GREAT time. We finished up the day and headed to Plaskett Creek Campgrounds where we set up camp. Setting up our Tepui tent took no more than five minutes and was as simple as extending the ladder, folding open the tent and putting in a few window rods. The telescoping ladder adjusted to the height of our truck and we were able to fit all three of our product testers inside without needing to elbow each other for extra room. The tents come with a memory foam mattress that folds up in the tent … meaning no ground pad or air mattress required. We were especially stoked with the sunroof that came with this Autana model! Tepui calls it their “Sky“ feature. Unique to Tepui, it allows you to open the roof to view the stars and get some extra ventilation if needed … a really cool feature we thought.
The Autana models also come with an optional, fully enclosed, and weatherproof annex that provides extra room for storage … or in our case, sleeping. We didn’t realize that one of the product testers (to remain unnamed) snores. We shoved him down into the annex and he slept like a baby while we enjoyed some peace and quiet for the rest of the night.

Waking the next morning and packing up to come home was just as easy as setting up so we were able to hit the water be- fore the drive back. When we arrived at Tepui’s warehouse, we asked about leaving the tent on top of the racks year round. It is possible and makes camping every weekend that much easier.

All in all, we give this tent a 5 out of 5 for ease, comfort, price and functionality. We can’t wait to take the Tepui on another trip!

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