Canepa Cars and Coffee, October 2014 – Photo: GEORGE SAITAS

A host of stunning cars, their owners, and car lovers, gathered at Canepa Motorsports Museum, Dealership and Restoration Shop in Scotts Valley for the last “Cars and Coffee” event of the season hosted there.  Visitors got to admire the collectors’ cars on display, shop the showroom, and get a peek at the inner workings of one of the preeminent automotive shops in the industry.

Photos: George Saitas Photography

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George Saitas

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Every time I photograph it feels like I'm falling in love for the first time again... and again and again! There's just something about knowing that each shot is unique, fresh and like no other that excites me! My artistic passion extends to painting, sculpture and teaching the art of photography. To commission me or purchase artwork from me directly you can email your requests to Cheers! George Saitas

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