October Model of the Month Lauren

IMG_3557SCW: Name?

Lauren Kaz

SCW: Hometown?

LK: Hayfork, CA

SCW:  Currently reside?

LK: Westside, Santa Cruz

SCW:  Where the heck is Hayfork?

LK: Hayfork is a very small mountain/farming town in Northern California, about an hour west of Redding.

SCW:  So what brought you to Santa Cruz?

LK:  I fell in love with the area ever since my first visit.  Being from the mountains I always had an infatuation with the ocean. I knew my whole senior year this is where I wanted to be going to school. Then a close family friend extended the generous offer for me to live with her and her husband for my first year of college, it was an offer I couldn’t turn down!

SCW:  Awesome welcome!  Where are you going to school?

LK:  Thank you! I am currently in my second year at Cabrillo.

SCW:  And how do you like it? Do you plan to transfer?

LK:  I love Cabrillo, the small class size makes for a really intimate learning experience. Every professor I have had is very accessible and eager to answer questions. I plan on transferring to a four year next fall, or possibly the fall after depending on where I decide to go and if I decide to travel in between transferring!

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SCW: Being pretty new to this area what are some of the things that bug you and what are the things you really like about Santa  Cruz?

LK: I would say that the things that ‘bug’ me also challenge me and are what make me love the area. For example, coming from a small mountain community I have always been raised in a traditional and conservative environment. Moving to Santa Cruz, as you can imagine, was sort of a culture shock to me. Though some beliefs and ways of living were challenging and shocking to me at first, being here has allowed me to broaden my views and see things in a way I never would have if I were to stick with what I know. I have learned to love the challenges and differences in beliefs that I face in Santa Cruz, because I have grown and learned so much from experiencing a culture other than what I am used to!


SCW:  It’s no secret Santa Cruz is one of the most expensive places in the country to live. How does a young student like yourself make it work?

LK: From a very young age my parents made it clear to me the importance of hard work and having great work ethic, and the notion that in order to get what you want you have to work for it. Nothing worth having is handed to you! I go to school five days a week and work two jobs but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I knew from the beginning living comfortably in Santa Cruz while going to school was not going to be easy, but I can honestly say now it is so worth it! Not to mention I have such a wonderful support system of friends and family, both in the area and not, and for that I am extremely greatful!


SCW: Any halloween plans? What are you going to be?

LK:  Wow! Halloween is fast approaching and I have not put much thought into a costume idea yet! I am actually scheduled to work on Halloween night, but it is always a sight to check out the downtown scene on Halloween, so I will probably be heading there after to get in the spirit!

SCW:  Well we might see ya out and about!  Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!

LK:  Thank you!














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