Word on the Street: What will surfing be like in 50 years?


Shaun Burns
I think in 50 years surfing will be more corporate and more professional—in a good way, not in a sell-out way like most sports these days. I think it’s going to be more mainstream. There will be a lot more sponsors in surfing.

Chad Underhill-Meras
Fifty years from now there won’t even be one human on the World Tour. The aliens are going to come down and take over the surfing scene. Their anti-gravity crafts will put everyone to shame in the human race.

Doug Banks
I think it’ll be like it is now but there will be more places to surf as we get into building artificial reefs in beach break areas. We’ll have more rideable waves in areas where right now there are closeouts. Maybe those areas will charge to surf because they’re man made. There will be more money at the professional level. I can’t imagine how incredible big-wave surfing will be in the tow-in and paddle-in arenas. Hopefully more companies get into investing and bringing kids up, instead of just cherry pick- ing off the top.

Tom Powers
Surfing in 50 years will be kinda scary. I cringe to think about the crowds. As far as equipment? I can’t even fathom. … Motorized boards, which are already around, will probably be lighter weight. I think one of the positive things in 50 years will be less environmentally harmful surfboard materials, hopefully moving away from petroleum-based products into more ecologically sound products. As far as wetsuits, I wish I had a wetsuit from 50 years from now today! Night surfing will boom. The crowds will push people into surfing at night with good lighting technology. That could open up another 12 hours of surfing.

Tyler Conroy
I think that there’s going to be soft-top, motor-propelled wave storms for everybody to use.

Anthony Ruffo
Surfing will be really crowded.

Jesse Farris
I think in 50 years surfing will show some progression but it won’t be as progressive as the last 50 years. Surfing will fall under the law of diminishing returns. Maneuvers are going to be a lot more progressive and bigger, but there won’t be as much change as in the last 50 years. The limitations of the human body and building materials will keep the changes less drastic.

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