November Model of the Month: Brenda


Hello. Please introduce yourself. Who are you, where are you from and where do you currently live?

Hi, my name Is Brenda. I am 21 years old and I am student at Cabrillo College. I was born in Mexico city, and live in Santa Cruz.

Cool, thanks. What are you studying at Cabrillo?

I am taking human anatomy & physiology, philosophy, Italian, and futsal. My plan is to transfer out to UCSC to get a B.S. degree in human biology.

Interesting. We’ll talk more about the academics, but first: tell us about futsal. How long have you played? What’s your favorite team? What position do you play? What is it?

This is the first semester I’ve ever played fulsal (which is basically indoors soccer with a smaller ball), but I did play soccer most of my life. I don’t have a favorite team, but in the world cup, I usually support Colombia, Chile, Brazil, USA, and Mexico. I like to play center back defense.

Very cool. So, are you studying biology to go into healthcare?

Yes, I am interested in neurosurgery.

Wow. You must have a steady hand, yeah?

haha, I think I do.

And a strong stomach?

haha, I don’t mind it. I enjoy it.
The lives that get saved outweigh the weird part.


Well then, I’m glad for those who need it that you have the right stuff for the job. Do you have any doctors in your family? Or, how did you decide that you wanted to help people in that way?

There are no doctors in my family. I became interested in surgery as I got older. I like biology and I enjoy working with people. I also enjoy the challenge.

That’s cool. Brains and beauty. How about modeling? What are your goals in modeling?

Thanks! I also enjoy modeling, it is so much fun! My goal is to do bikini modeling on the side.


 Seems reasonable enough. What is your relationship with the ocean like?
The ocean is my life. There is nothing that makes me more happy that just being in the water.
That’s awesome. You surfing or bodysurfing or what?
I started off by body surfing, and moved on to surfing about a year ago. I really enjoy surfing when it is not too crowded.


 Very cool. How about music? What are you listening to these days?

I enjoy dubstep. It usually gets me in the mood to get anything done!
I also love Bob Marley. I can listen to Bob any day, at any time and it usually puts me in a happy mood.

Nice. Motivational music. Do you like to dance?

I do.

What else do you do for fun? Do you like movies, television, the internet, art galleries, fashion magazines, cooking, or what? Any hobbies?


I enjoy reading philosophy books, swimming in the ocean, watching movies from time to time, hanging out with friends and family, and I absolutely adore playing with my dog.


I have four more questions that are a little less everyday if you’re up to the challenge: what do you think happens when you die? Do you believe in life on other planets? What is the nature of a soul? Do you believe in ghosts?

I think of physical bodies as container that hold life force or as most humans call it “a soul.” Then, when a “container” dies, the soul in the container continues to live in a different world, realm, or living form. I think one of the main purposes of life is for one to attain wisdom from all that is experienced. I do believe in life outside our beautiful mother earth because it is estimated that there are 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe, and just in our Milky Way galaxy two-to-four hundred billion stars. So, to say the least, I think it would be ignorant of me to say that we are the only planet in the entire universe that holds life. The nature of a soul is love. One can have all the riches in the world and be unhappy and empty without love. But one can be poor and have love and be much more content than a rich man. I don’t believe in ghosts.



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  1. You guys are lame. Why did you take Benny Drescher’s comments off your site? Are you aware that you are hippocrits and live in Santa Cruz. I hope your web site fails. Your whole purpose for being is objectifying stuff for your own personal gain. Not very community oriented, you bunch of kooks.
    Hope your around not for long.
    Larry Hammerness

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