New Years Eve in Santa Cruz!

Ringing in the New Year in Santa Cruz

Last night I tried to cover as much Santa Cruz as I could. This led from from the end of the wharf to Ben Lomond. Most of my time was spent on foot along Pacific Ave. Everybody I came across was super friendly and needed almost no coaxing to pose. The first big stop was at Assembly where I met the founder, Mr. Zachary Davis. Inside people were dining on a short yet incredible menu of amazing food: duck, local black cod, truffled risotto, and desserts. The smell of that food… I could have easily stopped here for dinner and never moved on. The next brief stop was at Pizza My Heart — one of my favorite spots of all time. Aasha was kind enough to smile and pose by the pizza oven. My favorite was the pesto but oh what I would have done for a slice of the Big Sur. A band was playing at Hoffman’s Bistro and Patisserie. The sounds were great and the atmosphere was warm.

I spent a little longer than planned at El Palomar but that’s because the crowd was so much fun. Dinner was being served and the bar was getting friendly. Rosie McCann’s Irish Pub was a must-stop and fun was on tap. How can you resist the rich wooden Irish style and a stout? Ok, I had to find a way because I had a lot of ground to cover and I was Mr. Designated Driver myself later so… it was off to 99 Bottles. Mia, the manager, graciously invited me in to take some photos and the guests and staff were happy to oblige. Have you seen their beer selection? Moreover have you tried their beer selection?? Of course you have! If not then you’re in for a treat. Finish reading this then go.

Some photos will obviously be from the Red Restaurant And Bar. Because of all the blue (see what I did there?). That’s no color correction problem – it’s really that red. It’s also really that fun. On a total whim I stopped by It’s Sugar where I met Mike and his family who posed for a couple shots. Keeping with the sweets theme I popped into Marini’s Candies for my sugar and coffee fix. I also met some great partiers at Kiantie’s PIzza and Pasta Bar. No trip would be complete without a stop at The Blue Lagoon. I met Kelly and Dean who were having a great time. Thanks to the guests and to the staff for inviting me in!

While I was wandering around I met several representatives for the Santa Cruz Police Department. I got to talk a little with Officer Adrienne Heebner and Sergeant Carter Jones. On behalf of everybody celebrating I want to say a big Thank You for all of your hard work tonight.

One of my very favorite places is The Poet And The Patriot. Beer, darts, and music! Lupulo Craft Beer House was my last stop downtown. I didn’t want to leave. The beer looked so good, they had music, and balloons were set to drop at midnight. And beer.

I had to stop for a few minutes in Felton because there was something big going on at the Felton Community Hall. One great party was happening there for sure!! My last stop was Henfling’s Tavern in Ben Lomond. This is the place for local music SCM style! I know I saw Morgan Montecue of Who’s Holdin’ fame.. and Oatmeal Cookie fame… and at least a half dozen other bands. I also saw Amber and Montse who are a blast on their own — put them together and look out because the party just got started.

That was an adventure! Thanks to every business who invited me in to take photos and to everybody who stopped for a photo and to say hello!

  • SMC_267 Pacific Ave 2

    SMC_267 Pacific Ave 2

  • SMC_2671. Pacific Ave Street Scene

    SMC_2671. Pacific Ave Street Scene

  • SMC_2677 Hoffmans

    SMC_2677 Hoffmans

  • SMC_2679 Hoffmans

    SMC_2679 Hoffmans

  • SMC_2683 Assemble

    SMC_2683 Assemble

  • SMC_2685 street

    SMC_2685 street

  • SMC_2686 Pizza My Heart

    SMC_2686 Pizza My Heart

  • SMC_2688 Pizza My Heart

    SMC_2688 Pizza My Heart

  • SMC_2692 street

    SMC_2692 street

  • SMC_2693 Palomar

    SMC_2693 Palomar

  • SMC_2694 Palomar

    SMC_2694 Palomar

  • SMC_2697 Palomar

    SMC_2697 Palomar

  • SMC_2698 Palomar Back To The Future Theme

    SMC_2698 Palomar Back To The Future Theme

  • SMC_2699 Rosies

    SMC_2699 Rosies

  • SMC_2701  Rosies

    SMC_2701 Rosies

  • SMC_2702 Rosies

    SMC_2702 Rosies

  • SMC_2703 99 Bottles

    SMC_2703 99 Bottles

  • SMC_2704 99 Bottles

    SMC_2704 99 Bottles

  • SMC_2705 99 Bottles

    SMC_2705 99 Bottles

  • SMC_2706 99 Bottles

    SMC_2706 99 Bottles

  • SMC_2707 99 Bottles

    SMC_2707 99 Bottles

  • SMC_2708 99 Bottles

    SMC_2708 99 Bottles

  • SMC_2709 99 Bottles

    SMC_2709 99 Bottles

  • SMC_2712 99 Bottles

    SMC_2712 99 Bottles

  • SMC_2714 99 Bottles

    SMC_2714 99 Bottles

  • SMC_2716 Red

    SMC_2716 Red

  • SMC_2719 Bllue

    SMC_2719 Bllue

  • SMC_2722 Red

    SMC_2722 Red

  • SMC_2725 Its Sugar

    SMC_2725 Its Sugar

  • SMC_2728 street

    SMC_2728 street

  • SMC_2729 street

    SMC_2729 street

  • SMC_2730 Marinis

    SMC_2730 Marinis

  • SMC_2731 Marinis

    SMC_2731 Marinis

  • SMC_2732 Marinis

    SMC_2732 Marinis

  • SMC_2733 Marinis

    SMC_2733 Marinis

  • SMC_2734 Marinis

    SMC_2734 Marinis

  • SMC_2735 Marinis

    SMC_2735 Marinis

  • SMC_2737 Office Heebner and Sgt Jones

    SMC_2737 Office Heebner and Sgt Jones

  • SMC_2738-Kiantis


  • SMC_2739 Kiantis

    SMC_2739 Kiantis

  • SMC_2740 Kiantis

    SMC_2740 Kiantis

  • SMC_2741 Kiantis

    SMC_2741 Kiantis

  • SMC_2745 Del Mar

    SMC_2745 Del Mar

  • SMC_2747 Blue Lagoon

    SMC_2747 Blue Lagoon

  • SMC_2748 Blue Lagoon

    SMC_2748 Blue Lagoon

  • SMC_2749 Blue Lagoon Kelly and Dean

    SMC_2749 Blue Lagoon Kelly and Dean

  • SMC_2750 Blue Lagoon

    SMC_2750 Blue Lagoon

  • SMC_2751 Steetlight Records

    SMC_2751 Steetlight Records

  • SMC_2752 Streetlight Records

    SMC_2752 Streetlight Records

  • SMC_2756 Poet and Patriot

    SMC_2756 Poet and Patriot

  • SMC_2757 Poet and Patriot

    SMC_2757 Poet and Patriot

  • SMC_2758 Poet and Patriot

    SMC_2758 Poet and Patriot

  • SMC_2760 Lupulo

    SMC_2760 Lupulo

  • SMC_2762 Lupulo

    SMC_2762 Lupulo

  • SMC_2763 Lupulo

    SMC_2763 Lupulo

  • SMC_2764 Lupulo

    SMC_2764 Lupulo

  • SMC_2765 Lupulo

    SMC_2765 Lupulo

  • SMC_2766 Lupulo

    SMC_2766 Lupulo

  • SMC_2767 Lupulo

    SMC_2767 Lupulo

  • SMC_2768 Lupulo

    SMC_2768 Lupulo

  • SMC_2771 Felton

    SMC_2771 Felton

  • SMC_2773 Felton Community Hall

    SMC_2773 Felton Community Hall

  • SMC_2774 Henflings

    SMC_2774 Henflings

  • SMC_2779 Henflings

    SMC_2779 Henflings

  • SMC_2781 Henflings

    SMC_2781 Henflings

  • SMC_2790 Henflings

    SMC_2790 Henflings

  • SMC_2791-Amber 1024

    SMC_2791-Amber 1024

  • SMC_2792-Henflings


  • SMC_2795 Henflings

    SMC_2795 Henflings

  • SMC_2796 Henflings

    SMC_2796 Henflings

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