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unnamedClients and patients achieve results they never thought possible! Hanson Muscle Therapy (HMT) is a unique form of muscle testing and manual therapy that has provided pain relief to over 20,000 patients since 1994. Created by Tobe Hanson HMT founder, Kinesiologist & Muscle Therapist, it’s a service that has been sought out by surgeons, trainers, massage therapists, physical therapists and Chiropractors to provide pain relief that may not otherwise be achieved. It is used in the rehabilitation of injuries as well as preventative care for athletes that include the San Jose Sharks (professional hockey team in NHL), Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB team), San Francisco 49ers, and Division 1 Stanford Athletes. unnamedHanson Muscle Therapy (HMT) is a revolutionary method of therapy that integrates feedback from postural evaluation, range of motion assessment, acupuncture meridian lines and specific muscle testing to pinpoint areas of myofascial tension. Through advanced muscle therapy, it identifies trigger/acupressure points for immediate relief of muscular pain, tension and dysfunction. Accumulation of tension can result in hypersensitive, myofascial reflex points, or more commonly referred to as acupressure points. When overloaded, these points can produce local or referred pain. With extensive knowledge, certified Hanson Muscle Therapists employ years of experience as well as certifications from Tobe Hanson, himself, to identify problem areas through range of motion assessments and postural evaluations. HMTIndividuals from throughout the country have started practicing HMT and have seen an incredible surge in their individual practices due to patient referrals as a product of the incredible results the practitioners are helping the clients to achieve. We are fortunate to have Dr Rhodes Walton, Chiropractor, Jaimi Ellison and Beau Jansen, Athletic Trainers, know and understand this technique. Santa Cruz CORE is home to these three practitioners and in the last few years of really truly employing this Therapy, their practice has bloomed. Dr Rhodes transformed his chiropractic practice from traditional chiropractic adjustments to a new method Sports ChiroTherapy that employs Hanson Muscle Therapy as the key modality “HMT speaks for itself. The results are incredible. Individuals come in with chronic pain that no one they have been to has seemed to be able to fix and in just a few sessions we get right to the point. Even in just one session my patients walk out feeling tremendously better and many of them pain free. It is an awesome tool.” About TORBJORN “TOBE” HANSON – Founder of HansOn Muscle Therapy Tobe has 28 years of clinical experience in manual therapy for pain or dysfunction in muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. He graduated from the Institute of Alternative Medicine, Stockholm, Sweden in 1984 with a degree in acupuncture and physiotherapy. Since graduation he has spent three decades specializing in trigger point therapy, acupressure, kinesiology and sports medicine. Between 1985 and 1995, Tobe taught seminars on his own material to therapists and physicians throughout Europe and North America. In 1994 Tobe opened his own practice inside Club Sport in Pleasanton, California. His extensive work with professional and recreational athletes led to the development of HansOn Muscle Therapy. HMT is a new and holistic approach to sports medicine that provides instant results in injury rehabilitation, prevention and performance enhancement. In 2007 Tobe started to teach his HMT techniques, to professional healthcare providers. Tobe hosts special workshops and clinics to offer certification in his unique form of therapy. They are infrequent, however, and the waiting list for his services is over 3 weeks long.

Workshops are held at Santa Cruz Core Fitness + Rehab.

For more details email: info@santacruzcore.com or call 831-425-9500


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