A collection of the best from 2014

Santa Cruz sun rises and sunsets, I still struggle everyday to decide which I like better. For this gallery I thought I would share what a years worth of photographing sunsets and sun rises would look like. 2014 gave Santa Cruz so many incredible evening and mornings full of color. These were all captured locally, mostly at some of the more popular coastal points like Capitola, Rockview, Twin Lakes, Westcliff, and Natural Bridges. I’m blessed to get to have so many options here in Santa Cruz when it comes to chasing incredible landscape images. Hope you enjoy!

Photos: Zakari Adams

  • rockview castle

    rockview castle

  • newbrightontidepoolsunrise3


  • stormclouds at twinlakes4

    stormclouds at twinlakes4

  • Natural Bridges at Night

    Natural Bridges at Night

  • Best Sunset Twinlakes3

    Best Sunset Twinlakes3

  • rockviewgallery8


  • skyfirecapitola2


  • Bestrainbowskyatrockview


  • Alexportraitsblackandwhite3


  • 26thaverainbowstargazing26


  • Its Beach Gallery58

    Its Beach Gallery58

  • holy skies ocean2

    holy skies ocean2

  • Seaclifflongexposure


  • Capitolalavenders11


  • Photo Dec 17, 7 22 52 AM

    Photo Dec 17, 7 22 52 AM

  • rockview rainbow tidepools2

    rockview rainbow tidepools2

  • Best Sunset Twinlakes10

    Best Sunset Twinlakes10

  • rainbowsky silhouette

    rainbowsky silhouette

  • Capitola esplinade4

    Capitola esplinade4

  • Steamersmotionsunrise2


  • twin lakes heaven skies 2

    twin lakes heaven skies 2

  • iconic natural bridges

    iconic natural bridges

  • capitola february sunset8

    capitola february sunset8

  • artisticwaves18


  • land of medicine buddha17

    land of medicine buddha17

  • Seacliff vibrant shores3

    Seacliff vibrant shores3

  • natural bridges fire5

    natural bridges fire5

  • NBshorebreak7


  • Evenningatrockviewgallery03-20-15


  • Rockview Silver Skys33

    Rockview Silver Skys33

Zakari Adams

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Santa Cruz local. I've spent my life learning how to be a good friend, someone who enjoys skateboarding, surfing, photography, illustration and various other mediums of art, i enjoy writing music (piano) and learning any thing new i can on a daily basis.

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