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At Mobile Ranger our mission is to create locally sourced, compelling natural and human history content that helps people connect to a place – be they visitors or locals.

Called Mobile Ranger Guides, our new free app contains nine AppTours made by local historians, non-profit organizations, and rangers from Mobile Ranger. This app replaces our previous two apps Mobile Ranger Santa Cruz and Mobile Ranger Santa Cruz Wharf. Mobile Ranger Guides will be continuously improved and expanded with new AppTours about Santa Cruz and beyond.

Current AppTours in Our App

West Cliff Drive Tour

This is a flat 2.5 mile walking tour of West Cliff Drive From Natural Bridges State Beach to Cowell Beach. Discover the wave motor of the 1890s, the toilet bowl formations lurking within the local rocks, the story of why Lighthouse Field is still a park and not a beach front shopping mall and much more! AppTour created by Mobile Ranger.


Ebb & Flow River Art Walk Tour

This is a one mile flat walking tour along the San Lorenzo River Walk from the Kaiser Permanente Arena to the Tannery Arts Center. It features 11 arts exhibits that were part of the Ebb $ Flow River Art Walk event on June 6, 2015. Some of the installations are still there and some are not – but they are all in the AppTour with artists concept drawings and their inspirations and motivations. This AppTour was created with the Arts Council Santa Cruz County as part of their Ebb & Flow River Arts Project.


Wharf EcoTour

The Wharf is a century-old structure with vibrant fishing history, thriving marine life and modern-day scientific research facilities. The EcoTour takes you to five stops on the wharf as well as five spots off the Wharf! This AppTour was created in collaboration with the City of Santa Cruz, the Seymour Marine Discovery Center and the University of California Santa Cruz as part of the Green Wharf Project.

Lower San Lorenzo River Tour

Enjoy and connect to the San Lorenzo River! This is a 3 mile walking tour along the San Lorenzo River. Right now it has 4 stops, however several more are in the works. This AppTour was created by the Coastal Watershed Council (CWC) to help people appreciate and enjoy the river. It is one component of the CWCs vision to have the San Lorenzo River become a healthy watershed connected to a vibrant community.

Downtown Mission Hill Staircases Tour

This one mile walking tour tour takes you through Santa Cruz history as you walk up and down the stairways of Mission Hill. You’ll see echoes and artifacts of the Spanish mission, gold rush pioneers, a celebrated philanthropist, and a forgotten farm in the heart of the town. It’s all fairly easy terrain save the four (and a half) staircases you need to climb! This AppTour was created by local history researcher Linda Rosewood.

UCSC Limekilns Tour

Lime was an essential building material in late 19th century California, and Santa Cruz was at that time one of the state’s most important lime-producing regions. This is a one mile-long walking tour of the Cowell Lime Works Historic District at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The AppTour was made by local historian Frank Perry on behalf of The Friends of the Cowell Lime Works Historic District.

North Coast Tour

This is roughly 30 mile driving tour of the north coast of Santa Cruz from Long Marine Lab to Pebble Beach (Bean Hollow State Beach North). It has six stops along the way along with some background information on the geology of the area. Learn how railroad barons stole the ocean view, how the local rocks control what the coast looks like and read the story of how the “Cement King” built Davenport only to lose it all! AppTour created by Mobile Ranger.

Downtown Historic-Art Tour

This is a brief walking tour of a scattering of downtown Santa Cruz’ historic buildings, sculptures and murals. Find out about Tom Scribner and his famous suspenders, the history of Santa Cruz’s own Jazz Alley, and see some Art-Deco-inspired architecture. The mobile version of this AppTour was made possible by Don Lauritson, on behalf of the Santa Cruz Historic Preservation Commission.

Marine Life Guide

In this guide you will find detailed information about Santa Cruz’s local marine mammals and birds, where to find them, and how the seasons affect the type of marine-based creatures you will see throughout the year. AppTour created by Mobile Ranger.

The list of AppTours within Mobile Ranger Guides is growing all time. Check back here for the for the up-to-date list.

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A Soft Release

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