Surf Angel Kaila Pearson

BnB:  Tell us a little about yourself.
KP:  My full name is Kaila Ann Marjorie Pearson.  I was born on the West Side of Santa Cruz to my eccentric, lovable mom; and my fun, respectable dad.  I totally and completely grew up in the water.  I learned to swim around the same time I learned to walk.  As a twenty-two year old, I can say without any hesitation, that I am more comfortable in the water than I am on land.  Kinda weird? Yeah…whatevs.  Since I love being in the water, I’m enthralled with water sports. Water polo, swimming, and surfing are my homies. Though for me, one of those things is not like the other. I think of surfing in a different way. It’s part of me.  It makes me who I am.  Surf culture and style has influenced me so much, and I’m so blessed because of that.













BnB: Where is your happy place?
KP: I have a few happy places places. My favorite favorite favorite would have to be in the ocean, in a kelp forest, anchoring myself down and grabbing on to the kelp’s holdfast while silently holding my breath.
BnB:  What is your creative outlet?
KP:  My creative outlet…hmmm…I feel that art and surfing go hand in hand.  A good bottom turn or some fun footwork feels real nice and creative. Observing the wave and using its energy to move is an art.  I also love painting! Oils and canvas!
BnB: What is your favorite time of day and why?
KP: Dusk is my favorite time of the day. It seems like the universe is settling down and the earth is taking a deep breath. Energy is pure and calm and good.  I always feel that the last little bit of light reminds me to pause and appreciate the beauties around me before I can’t see them anymore!
BnB: Where do you see yourself in 15 years?
KP:  In fifteen years I could see myself being a biology professor, or a beach bum living in a palm frond shack on Kaua’i. One of the two. Definitely nothing else. Just kidding. Probably something in between. Right now, I’m a marine biology major at UCSD
BnB: Do you believe in past lives?
KP: Of course. Right when I read this question my built-in-the-1700’s hotel lights flickered. Great. #NoSleepForMe
BnB: What does your closet look like?
KP: Ha….you don’t want to know. I’m a messy girl.
BnB: Sunshine or rain?
KP: Both! At the same time! Please?
BnB: Early bird or night owl?
KP: NIGHT OWL!!!  I’m kind of the epitome of a night owl.  My bed time generally ranges from 2-5am. It’s not the falling asleep part that’s hard for me, it’s the getting to my bed part that’s hard! There’s always something way cooler to do than sleep… It’s such a waste of time!  You’re laying there doing nothing, oblivious to everything! Like right now, I’m typing up my answers to these fun questions in France and it’s 3:30 am and I’m leaving for Paris at 6am. My excuse of staying up isn’t usually this extravagant, but I feel like there’s always something more exciting to do than sleep!
BnB: Who is a surf inspiration to you?
KP:My dad. All the way. 100%.
BnB: Local surf spot?
KP: The lane.
BnB: Tell us about your magic stick?
KP: I shaped myself a 9’6″ SUP that I’ve been surfing for a while and I love her. My dad and cousin just recently shaped me an 8’11” SUP that is way looser and faster, just a little less stable. She’ll be for bigger swells.
BnB: What is you pre game surf routine?
KP: I drink a glass of water and listen to 102.5 KDON…guilty pleasure?
Clothing courtesy of Pacific Wave in Downtown Santa Cruz.
Styling by Blocks-n-Bling
Photography by Nikki Brooks. Accesories by Rugged Grace.
Watch the behind the scenes video here!


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