Surf Angel Carly Wilson


I am currently 22 years old.  I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA.  I moved to Hawaii a little over four years ago and have been living on the North Shore of Oahu for the last two.  Living in Hawaii has brought me even closer to exploring the ocean and surfing challenging waves out of my comfort zone.  I am currently finishing up school at University of Hawaii West Oahu.  After I graduate, I hope to incorporate sustainability and surfing into some sort of career.  I am also still working on racking up WSL points so that I can compete in more of the events. If I am not surfing or in class, I am either swimming and diving in the ocean, skateboarding, playing golf, hiking, or doing yoga.

Sponsors: Odina swimwear, Rise Bar, Amy and Brian Coconut Water, and Raw Elements sunscreen.

BNB: What did you do last Friday night?

CW: I hung out at the pool bar at Turtle Bay with some friends for sunset and then went for a full moon night swim

BNB: What is your favorite wave or surf spot?

CW: It would have to be Impossibles in Bali…longest lefts of my life

BNB: Who taught you to surf?

CW:My mom

BNB: Local Surf Spot?

CW: Rocky lefts

BNB: Favorite place to eat in Santa Cruz?

CW: Taqueria Michoacan…..or Akira sushi…that’s a tough one

BNB: What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

CW: My bangles with shells found in Hawaii and Bali

BNB: What did you major in in college?

CW: Currently working towards my Bachelors in Sustainable Community Food Systems….Stoked on it

BNB: “There is a vogue and a surfer mag sitting side by side, what do you pick up?”

CW: Surfer mag obvies…

BNB: What kind of music makes you psyched?

CW: Hip-Hop and Rap usually…been listening to a lot of Ice cube, Dr Dre, and The Weekend lately…

BNB: Describe your dream day…

CW: It would start with a really good surf session with friends on some long rippable and racy lefts.  Then for lunch I have some fresh AHI poke bowls.  Then a post lunch surf, dive, or swim session.  To finish the day off, either a sunset surf session, yoga, or just some wine on the beach ending with a delicious BBQ. 🙂

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Photography: Nikki Brooks

Styled by : Blocks-n-Bling



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