Surf Angel Tessa Timmons


My name is Tessa Timmons and I am 23 years old. I was born in Santa Fe NM, but grew up predominantly in San Diego, CA.  I moved up to Santa Cruz to finish getting my bachelor’s degree at UCSC a couple years back after taking some time off of school to travel.  When trying to decide which university to transfer to I chose Santa Cruz based purely off of the surf, it played out to be a great decision.  Even though I have a degree in Sociology with an emphasis on Sustainability, I am hoping to go back to school and get a degree in Culinary Arts and Nutrition

I’ve always loved water, from swimming pools to lakes to the ocean. I learned how to surf around the age of 13, and really started going out regularly on my own around age 15, after that point I was hooked, I remember my first surfboard I found in a dumpster at La Jolla Shores. I took it home and had my brother help me fix it up and we painted it. My little sisters still have that board to this day which is pretty rad.

BnB: What is your favorite creative outlet?

TT:  Cooking. I’ve been cooking since I was a little girl and the older I get the more and more I get enjoyment out of creating a meal for my friends and family.

BnB: Do you have any nicknames?

TT:  Tess, tea, tea-tea. My sisters call me Beppie, my boyfriend has a million nicknames for me: t-money, t-bear, tot, money-bags, tessa tickles, the list goes on and on…

BnB: Do you have any brothers or sisters?

TT: I am one of 11 children all of whose name start with the letter T, and who are all from the same parents. Also, we are not Mormon or Catholic, because thats always the next question.

BnB: What is your favorite place you have been?

TT: I just got back from a month in Indonesia and so far its on the top of the list, however, Morocco was pretty rad too.

BnB: What does surfing give to you?

TT: I have made all of my closest friends through surfing, I have seen more of the world than I ever would have doing anything else, it gives me constant reminders of how we need to tend to the environment around us and preserve it. Surfing also provides me with humility, challenge, and drive everyday that I am in the water.

BnB:  What boards do you currently have in your quiver?

TT:  A 9’3 and a 9’2 longboard. A 7’0 egg, and 6’3 retro single fin. Looking to get a little fish next.

BnB: What environmental issue do you identify with and why?

TT: Plastic pollution. You see it everywhere, especially while traveling to third world countries, where plastic water bottles litter some of the most beautiful beaches. I also get very frustrated every time I go back down to Southern California and see how many plastic bags they still use for every purchase at a store. I think its hard for people to understand the longterm effects that plastic is going to have on our environment if it doesn’t effect them immediately.

BnB: What is your favorite wave or surf spot?

TT: My favorite surf spot back in San diego was probably Sunset Cliffs. Ever since moving to Santa Cruz the hook has become my favorite wave, probably due to surfing it everyday with it being a stones throw from my house.

BnB: What was your worst experience surfing?

TT: Getting hit in the face by a standup paddle board.

BnB: What was your first car?

TT: My first car was a 1990 white Vovlo sedan, but then it got totaled while parked outside my house. My second car was special, it wouldn’t reverse so I had to be real innovative and aware when driving. Now I’ve a got a 1985 Volvo station wagon.


Photography by Nikki Brooks

Styled by Blocks n Bling

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