Embracing Chores

Embracing Chores
By: Aimee Joy Nitzberg of Pleasure Point Yoga

The way I remember the Zen teaching, it goes like this:IMG_3362

Before Enlightenment, chop wood and carry water
After Enlightenment, chop wood and carry water

I’ve shortened this down to one of my (sort of) slang mantras: chopping wood and carrying water. It reminds me to be present. My yoga practice relies on many different tools to practice increased presence and awareness. Asana is what started it all for me. Coming from an athletic background allowed me to understand the language of the practice through the body, with breath and concentration. Now, finding discipline to spend more time meditating, saying mantras, sitting in stillness is often necessary to deepen my practice.

At the end of October, I was feeling very agitated in my mind. I had a lot of fear and anxiety coming up. I was applying all of my yoga powers to try to face it with wisdom and grace, but I was not feeling any relief from my stress. I couldn’t sleep at night, and my digestive system began acting up.

chopwoodAnd then on Halloween, the 31st, my boyfriend and I moved a whole bunch of firewood from a friend’s house to ours. A storm was coming on Sunday, so it was a good time to grab the wood while it was dry. We worked all day, in a steady and rhythmic groove, in a flow. At the end of the day our muscles were tired, we felt spent and ordered pizza and drank beer. The next morning we woke up and got back to work, this time we had a trailer to use and already had become more efficient in how we moved the piles. I was feeling the exhilaration of being back in my body and less in my head. There was finally relief to the drone of negative anxiety that had been plaguing me. I could breathe again. Moving stacks of wood. All day. Carrying. Loading. Unloading. Stacking. Chopping wood and carrying water. We stacked the very last bit of wood just as the raindrops began, before a big snow….click here to read more!


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