Surf Angel Shay Cruz


My name is Shalene Cruz, I am 29 years old and I am from the East Side of Santa Cruz, California. I feel blessed to have been raised by the Pleasure Point community. I grew up a tom boy and hung with the boys, I guess some things never change. My Father and Brothers taught me how to surf and I was soon hooked. In my early 20’s I put myself through college and I am currently working as a Registered Nurse at Natividad Medical Center’s ARU. I work with people who have been in traumatic accidents and help them get back to their normal lives, which is an incredibly rewarding job. My most important job title is “Mom”. My 7 year old son Buck is my everything. We are both fascinated by the ocean, the creatures in it and how to protect them. Recently I’ve been inclined to travel, give back and take my son on adventures as much as possible.

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BnB: Where is your happy place?
SC: My happy place is mid spring, it’s a warm sunny day down at Pangies beach in front of my house, you know when the sand is their. All my friends and neighbors around me, the moms and groms. It’s the First big south swell, the waves are pumping. Ice cold beer when you get in. Lots of laughs till your belly hurts.

BnB: What is your spirit animal?
SC: My spirit animal is the sea turtle, half way out of my shell and half in.

BnB: What is your sign? Does it match you?
SC: I am a Taurus. I am selectively stubborn in that I am steady and practical. I generally go with the flow and strive for harmony in my life. I am grounded. I easily get along with others. If something pisses me off you can see it coming from a mile away. I am loyal and predictable. I am hospitable and a giver. Oh and I love to have fun.

BnB: Describe your dream day
SC: In my day dream I am the lead singer in a band! We play a cross between punk rock and old school country rock. We absolutely kill it and all my friends show up to my shows.

BnB: What is fear to you?
SC: Fear is when your breath leaves your body. Like an impending doom that blacks your sight and whisks away your conscious.

BnB: Who is your favorite surfer?
SC: I really love to watch powerful surfing. My favorite surfers have to be AR, Bud Freitas and Nick H Dez because of the sheer power in their turns.

BnB: What does surfing give to you?
SC: Surfing gives me joy, it gives me adrenaline. Truly it gives me purpose and it gives me “me time” because we are only out there for one reason, pleasure. It also gives me spirituality. I think anyone who has been sitting on their board and had a dolphin jump out of the water 5 feet away felt the spirituality of the ocean I’m talking about.

BnB: What is your favorite quote?
SC: “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.”
W.H Auden

BnB: What is your favorite beach?
SC: My favorite beach is Pangies beach. It’s very hard to find, almost impossible most of the year. It is private access and the locals are scary. Oh yea and there is the rusty rebar factor.

BnB: Local surf spot?
SC: First peak, Pleasure Point. I love it. It’s my home break and the boys yell me into set waves.

BnB: What did you do last Friday night?
SC: Last Friday night I went up the road to Surftech for Nelly’s art show and Jay Moriarity foundation fundraiser. Nelly’s pictures were inspirational and jaw dropping. I danced with Kiala and got to catch up with friends from all over town.


Photography: Nikki Brooks

Body Art:  Alison SooHoo Daniel


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  1. You rock Shay. Great pics & conversation. Peace & love sister, Holly

  2. You look beautiful all grown up now! Knew you when your dad was manager at apts.

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