51 comments on “GoPro of White Shark at New Brighton

  1. WHOLLY COW MAN!!! Are you on a board or in a kayak or on a boat or what!??? That is crazy! I would have freaked OUT!

  2. Was that taken from a katak or boat or board or??

  3. Love the beauty of the video and the simple natural sounds. No offending music sound track necessary, thank you!

  4. This is so scary. They were swimming with a GoPro camera in Santa Cruz waters. They didn’t find out about the shark in the video until they returned home to watch the film. This was shocking! They escaped death! So scary!

  5. I can’t wrap my mind around the video. The shark is natural and at ease. In his own world . What a beautiful
    Video of such a beautiful animal.

  6. He’s smiling. I think sharks are misunderstood and should be left alone by humans.

  7. Seriously, more info on how this footage came about!

  8. Was in the water that day though I saw a big shadow a couple of times that seemed out of place! Great video now I know what I likely saw!!

  9. Sharks do live in the ocean. It’s fascinating it went straight to the camera. Imagine the electrolysis that GoPro is putting out. We’ve been out fishing and sharks will come up and chew on the metal propeller just from the electrolysis the stationary metal puts out. A GoPro is probably pretty intense to a shark.

  10. Any idea of its stats? Length, weight or age. (Thanks for the natural sound as well)

  11. Sounds like a skin diver? at the end. But doubt it.

  12. That was awesome such awesome creatures. A little close but awesome

  13. No screaming?!? Wow! That’s a life experience for ya!

  14. I am amazed your board could hold up the weight of your balls dude. This is the craziest shit I have seen from an amateur videographer.

  15. Shark,” I am not eating another GoPro, last one gave me gas!”

  16. That is some respect. Beautiful creatures but just mutual curiosity but still would scare the heck out of me being in the water with them.

  17. If this would have been a whale people would be screaming foul and the need to give them space.

  18. Holy cow! Good you were down under the water so he could get a good look at you!

  19. I agree. That you for not including loud obnoxious music etc. would love to see a written interview on the experience though.

  20. If that was taking from a kayak or on a board there would be little brown things in water. Speaking from my own personal experience. I was on hobiecat. Play with fire and you will get burned.

  21. Wonderful! Is this Matilda that we were warned about at the Capitola Wharf?

  22. I agree with the kudos for no sound! Did this person know the shark was there? I assume so, because if it was a surprise I’m certain we would have seen a jolt outa the water or something. I would
    Like to know the details behind the video. Anyone???

  23. It does not look real, the water is green with low visibility like it was videoed in a lake or pond and very little wave action ! What were they filming from a boat or a kayak?

  24. Yeah..detail please. How far out was this? Were you in boat? Kayak? Snorkeling?

  25. My heart was pounding just watching the video! How did you stay so calm?

  26. Bonnie Brown, can you let us know where you were? Were you in a kayak further out? Or close to the swimmers? Do you think this sighting means swimmers at this beach are in danger?

  27. Would love to hear/read the story that goes with the video. I want to cultivate this kind of peace and trust!!!

  28. You are freaking brave man(or woman)‼️
    Scared me to death‼️ Please share who and how this video was taken, the person definitely needs an award of some type😲👍

  29. Dude that thing must of just eaten because he was to close for comfort, and he just swims away. Amazing footage .. This is the reason I never got into surfing 🏄..

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