Our new Street Smarts campaign with mission to reduce the number of traffic related crashes and injuries in Santa Cruz focuses on communicating one specific traffic safety message each week.

This week our YIELD: EVERY CORNER IS A LEGAL CROSSWALK tip reflects a law to protect pedestrians that many drivers ignore or don’t know. Drivers are required by law to yield to pedestrians at all intersections—even if there is no marked crosswalk.

Drivers will avoid a ticket and give pedestrians a break by stopping when someone is waiting to cross. This means even if that pedestrian is the slowest human on earth. Even if that driver (you?) can turn in front of him without impeding progress. And even if  in a big fat hurry; the drvier/you shouldn’t go until he’s back on the curb.

Please wait your turn and obey the law that gives pedestrians the right of way at all intersections. It’s the Street Smarts thing to do.





For information on our City of Santa Cruz Street Smarts program including free yard signs (above) and bumper stickers (below) available to all City residents, please visit www.cityofsantacruz.com/StreetSmarts.



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