Dr. Dave Invites you to support SurfAid’s #SickWavesHealthyVillages Campaign


SurfAid Founder, Dr. Dave Jenkins and members of the SurfAid Board and International Team visiting the Mentawai programme. Photo by Ira Rambe.

As a SurfAid Ambassador, you’ve been an integral part of SurfAid’s most successful year to date. Our Mother and Child Health Programme is making huge strides and helping more families than ever before.
 What happened in 2017? 
 – YOU helped construct 620 water facilities
 – YOU helped staff 104 community-based health posts with 643 SurfAid-trained health volunteers and midwives
 – YOU helped ensure that 77% of children under five visited a SurfAid-supported health post
 – YOU helped plant 1,354 nutrition gardens to provide food security for our families
 All of these achievements could not be realised without funding. Just by surfing in our events, or sharing your stoke for SurfAid, donations are turned into a lifetime of change for our families in Indonesia and future generations to come.
This month, SurfAid is launching the 2017 #SickWavesHealthyVillages campaign. Our goal is to raise $50,000 – the funding equivalent of bringing our Mother and Child Health Programme to 2 villages – between now and December 31st.

If you’re keen to help us raise awareness and reach our goal, we’d love for you to share the following post with your social media networks. 


SurfAid is launching the #SickWavesHealthyVillages campaign. Their goal is to raise $50,000 between now and the 31st of December.

Join me in showing support for @SurfAid as they work to improve the health and livelihoods of families living in remote Indonesia, near to places we all love to surf.

#surfaid #sickwaveshealthyvillages

#SickWavesHealthyVillages is our message this December, will you make it yours too? By sharing SurfAid content with your audience throughout the campaign our awesome ambassadors help us spread the word.

By working together, we can continue to make a difference. On behalf of the entire SurfAid team and our partner communities, thank you for being integral to our success!



SurfAid Founder, Dr. Dave Jenkins, keeps the “surf” in SurfAid. He was stoked to find some playtime at Macaronis during his recent trip to the Ments. Photo by Nick O’Brien. 
 For questions about the campaign contact: erin@surfaid.org


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