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It’s very possible to eat, drink, be merryand be sustainable!

Here are some tips for easing your impact on the environment this holiday season:

  • Send out party invitations through email to reduce paper use.
  • Choose decorations that can be saved and used again and again.
  • Use reusable dishes, glassware, utensils and cloth napkins instead of disposables.
  • If you must use disposable products, choose paper over plastic and say no to Styrofoam.
  • Feed your loved ones, not the landfill! Minimize food waste by getting an accurate guest count and plan meals carefully. Freeze leftovers or send them home with your guests.




  • Make recycling convenient: use signs and always place recycling and garbage bins side by side as a set.
  • Choose creative gift wrapping alternatives like comics, maps, posters, magazine pages and children’s artwork.
  • Save gift bags, boxes, ribbons and bows for reuse.
  • If you need to ship packages, reuse cardboard boxes and packing material.
  • Waxed or plastic-coated cardboard boxes are not recyclable.

You can also support waste reduction efforts with meaningful choices instead of many traditional holiday activities that are stressful, wasteful and complicated.


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Consider less cooking and buying. Simplify and make time for peaceful activities like yoga and going for a hike or walk, writing letters of appreciation or volunteering.




Let waste reduction guide you away from overdoing and stress this holiday season.

More waste reduction information: www.cityofsantacruz.com/recycleright.


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