What Makes a Good Trainer?

Finding a personal trainer for you can be tough, especially if the first time working out with someone that’s not just a buddy friend.

Personal-training-santa-cruz-coreA personal trainer is a fitness professional who will guide and motivate an individual through a series of exercises that will get that individual closer their respective fitness goal. Some of the most common fitness goals include weight loss, toning, muscle building and rehabilitation from injury.

Whichever the fitness goal may be, here are four tips one should consider when picking a personal trainer:


There are many fit individuals out there that can call themselves personal trainers, but are they really? It is important that the individual who will be providing the fitness regimen and advice is accredited by an organization that is well recognized, preferably a nationally accredited institution like. The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) or the American Council on Exercise (ACE) are good examples.

This lets us know that the individual has certain knowledge about the body and exercise that is expected of a fitness professional and is not just making it up. This knowledge ranges from knowledge of the body, muscles, and metabolism to how to prevent injury during a workout and maximize results. A real professional has credentials to prove it.


Everybody can preach about what is good for the body or simply repeat something they’ve read online, but do they follow their own advice? An authentic fitness professional does must more than preach fitness, they embody it.

Furthermore, having a trainer that is fit lets one know that the advice comes from experience and actually leads to desirable results. Be sure to pick a trainer follows their own advice.

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Personal-training-santa-cruz-corePersonality matters! For some, the tough, military-like approach works well in pushing oneself and holding accountability for a workout, but some might dislike it. If one is insecure for example, having someone screaming at your ear might not be the best approach.

Maybe a more mellow, thoroughly explained approach works best or maybe even a cheerful fellow whose positive attitude you find motivating.


How much does the trainer know? Do they have the knowledge to back-up their credentials? This is crucial to having a healthy and successful workout. The trainer must show actual knowledge of how to do a proper warm-up, a proper stretch, which exercises work best, and how to deal pre-existing injuries or conditions.

They must also have basic knowledge of calories, nutrition, and healthy methods to achieve desirable results (and know why they work!). This is what separates a phony from a professional.

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