Why You Should Work Out with a Personal Trainer

Why Should One Workout With a Trainer?

The body is a complex and ever-changing system that must be studied and understood with proper care and maintenance. It is essential that one not only exercises to promote good health and well being, but one remains injury free while doing so.

Individuals usually have very specific fitness goals when starting a new training regime. Such goals are more easily achieved with the help of fitness professionals who can not only be a partner in crime but also advise, guide, and act as a mentor. Below is a short overview video about the benefits of working 1:1 with a private personal trainer, thanks to Beau Jansen, CORE Pro Elite trainer.

Some of the most common fitness goals include weight-loss, body toning, strength-training, sports performance, and physical rehabilitation. Whichever the goal may be, everyone can benefit from working out with a personal trainer!

Here are the three top reasons why you should workout with a personal trainer (especially with trainers at Santa Cruz CORE):

1. Faster Results:

Personal-training-santa-cruz-coreIt is one thing to read up online about exercises that give fast results, but it is a whole nother to do it. When you workout with a personal trainer you are working out with someone who has experience in the field and KNOWS what works, not someone who just read it up online. These are people capable of guiding you through the correct execution of each and every exercise and maximize efficiency. Personal trainers also keep track of individual improvement, from how many (correct) push-ups you can execute to eating habits and lifestyle.

2. Customized Training:

Personal-training-santa-cruz-corePersonal trainers are fitness and movement professionals get paid to design a workout regimen specific to the client. This means that they take various aspects into account when planning out this routine, this includes but is not limited to eating habits, lifestyle, past injuries, medical conditions, and physical capacity. This also ensures that the most effective exercises are carried out properly without personal injury. In the case of pre-existing injuries or physical impairments, they can help you work around the problem and provide exercises that will correct for such shortcomings. Trainers at Santa Cruz CORE are exceptional at this!! Personal training at Santa Cruz CORE, for examples, starts with a Functional Movement Screening (FMS) in which a trainer assess the functions and dysfunctions of the body. A fitness routine is much more effective when you take all aspects of a person’s lifestyle and body into account.

3. Motivation:

A personal trainer can help you hold yourself accountable for working out. These are people that have gone through every phase of the exercise and are living representations of what determination can achieve. Often times one tends to develop a unique friendship with trainers and they become a person you can talk to which is very therapeutic. Social interaction also helps take the edge of the commitment that is a workout routine, workout time becomes associated hangout time and you can push for new limits.

Jump Start Your 2018 Goals with a Personal Trainer!

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