Video – Two Exercises to Avoid Surf Injuries + Strengthen

As a follow-up post to, Watch Out for These Two Common Surf Injuries. Here are two helpful methods to keep new injuries away and also strengthen your upper body for paddling, surfing and all around activities.

In this video you will learn from Jaimi Jansen, founder of Santa Cruz CORE Fitness + Rehab, on the top two most common injuries for surfers. Watch as she goes over the muscles involved in surfing and proper ways to treat soreness and injuries. Jaimi gives you two exercises to further strengthen your bodies as well as instructing proper form when doing a push-up or one-arm lateral raises.

Exercise 1

A myofacial release areas, on the shoulder by using hard balls, foam rollers and yoga blocks.

Exercise 2

Serratus push-ups to strengthen the serratus which helps to stabilize the shoulder. The serratus protracts the scapula and helps the shoulder blade to lay flat against the ribcage.

Santa Cruz CORE is the local integrative health and wellness center, now with a new location in Watsonville. Their unique method of integrating several fitness and wellness modalities allows us to be a one-stop wellness shop, specializing in a whole body approach to preventative, rehabilitative and overall healthy lifestyle solutions.

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