Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers not just for the Bends anymore! (video)

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves placing a patient in an environment of pure oxygen under three times the air pressure. This allows for an increase in oxygen uptake by the lungs and oxygen delivery to healthy or injures tissues. There is a higher oxygen demand associated with tissues undergoing repair in the body, this means that one requires more oxygen to recover from anything like an infection to an injury.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is commonly used for the treatment of decompression sickness (the bends) in divers. Individuals with a conditions which interfere with healing such diabetes or radiation sickness can also benefit from hyperbaric oxygen. Additionally, hyperbaric oxygen is found to trigger the release of various growth factors and stem cells which facilitate healing.

Hyperbaric Oxygen (H.B.O.T.) therapy has been used for decades in wound management, toxicology, diving complications, and to treat vascular deficiencies. By its nature, it stimulates the immune system. It is now being used to treat concussions, migraines, and even to boost results of Prolotherapy. For example, HBOT increases the yield of stem cells harvested from adipose tissue for Stem Cell treatment.

hyperbaric oxygen chamber santa cruz core

Common Conditions Treated:

• Decompression Sickness
• Vascular Problems
• Respiratory Infections
• Migraines headaches

Leading Benefits:

√ Facilitated healing
√ Stimulation of Growth Factors
√ Stimulation of Stem Cells

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