Beer Week at The Parish Publick House Aptos with Corralitos Brewing Co.

The Parish Publick House in Aptos has a motto that they stand true to “come see us, we love what we do”.
I found that to be spot on! From the friendly staff, and the happy crowed, I felt welcomed the second I walked in the front door. The perish is know for making new friends, and more memories with old friends!
Upon arriving at the parish, be ready for the same great pub fare, delicious mixed drinks and rotating selection of draft beer that differs from the Santa Cruz tap list.
Below are some examples of the selection they offered for Santa Cruz Waves beer week from Corralitos Brewing Co.

Corralitos acid cabin
A wild fermented beer containing Funky and sour flavors and a variety of aromas

Corralitos American blonde
approachable mall oriented American beer that is well balanced and great for easy drinking

The abyss 2017 imperial stout
Immeasurable depth with the Rich complex profile. Dry spice with cherry bark and vanilla. Aged in bourbon, wine and new Oregon oak barrels

Mother earth Boo Koo
Simple Green bill of pills, Lake Crystal, and a bit of wheat, combined with vigorous half dose of mosaic Simcoe makes it bookoo:)

Corralitos Bright stout
Freedom Ca, an American Stout
Fairly strong, highly roasted dark stout with pronounced bitterness

Santa Cruz screwed be hard apple cider from Felton California
Like a dry wine with complex flavors. The Apple character who marries with the added fruit to create a balance flavor.

Photos – Alison Gamel


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    IMG_4700 (2)

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    IMG_4701 (3)

  • IMG_4702 (2)

    IMG_4702 (2)

  • IMG_4704 (4)

    IMG_4704 (4)

  • IMG_4706 (2)

    IMG_4706 (2)

  • IMG_4708 (2)

    IMG_4708 (2)

  • IMG_4709 (3)

    IMG_4709 (3)

  • IMG_4711 (4)

    IMG_4711 (4)

  • IMG_4713 (2)

    IMG_4713 (2)

  • IMG_4714 (4)

    IMG_4714 (4)

  • IMG_4715 (2)

    IMG_4715 (2)

  • IMG_4716 (4)

    IMG_4716 (4)

  • IMG_4720 (2)

    IMG_4720 (2)

  • IMG_4721 (2)

    IMG_4721 (2)

  • IMG_4722 (4)

    IMG_4722 (4)

  • IMG_4724 (2)

    IMG_4724 (2)

  • IMG_4726 (2)

    IMG_4726 (2)

  • IMG_4728 (2)

    IMG_4728 (2)

  • IMG_4731 (2)

    IMG_4731 (2)

  • IMG_4734 (3)

    IMG_4734 (3)

  • IMG_4737 (2)

    IMG_4737 (2)

  • IMG_4739 (4)

    IMG_4739 (4)


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