West Coast Board Riders Competition at Ventura Point

The 2nd event of the Westcoast Boardriders went off off this past weekend at C-Street in Ventura.  Huntington, Seal Beach, South Bay, Ventura, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Cruz rousted their top talent to compete in this fun and fresh team format.  The day started off with your typical “Grey May” conditions and 2-3ft soft rollers but as the day progressed the tide dropped, the sun popped and the waves put on their best Snapper Rocks impersonation.  Everyone was tearing with Santa Cruz making a very good showing with 2nd place overall.  The next event is coming up June 7th at Steamer Lane which will no doubt bring some excitement.  To join the club and learn more click HERE!

Photos by:  Eli Bierman


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