Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour Radical Reels Night September 21 @ 7 pm

Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour Radical Reels Night

September 21 @ 7 pm

Rio Theatre, Santa Cruz

Get stoked and grab your tickets to this year’s presentation of adventure films from the annual Banff Mountain Film Festival and beyond.  This showing of Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour is dropping in at the Rio Theatre on September 21 at 7 pm. Bike tough trails, climb challenging terrain, ski steep slopes, and hang on to your seats for the best adventure mountain sport films!  This year’s event will feature Stumped (Reel Rock 11) and other great adventure films. Check details regarding film listings before you purchase your tickets if you have any concerns about content and ratings.

For more information & list of films visit Check details regarding film listings before you purchase your tickets if you have any concerns about content and ratings.

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Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour – Radical Reels Night

List of films with classifications


(2016, France, 3 minutes) Classification: General

For The Flying Frenchies, thinking out of the box isn’t a choice – it’s a way of life.


(2016, Canada, 14 minutes) Classification: General
Kilian Jornet is considered the greatest mountain runner ever. But he doesn’t consider himself a runner. Join Kilian in his new backyard in Norway as he attempts to ski and run the Seven Summits of Romsdalen in a single day, a 77 kilometre route with 9,000 metres of elevation gain.


 (2016, South Africa, 22 minutes)

Classification: PG – Coarse Language
There are few more challenging cycle races on the planet than the Tour of Ara in South Africa. The 800 kilometre quest takes place annually over six days, primarily driven on gravel roads while riding vintage steel bikes.


(2017, Australia, 30 minutes) Classification: Coarse language and Nudity
It’s not the tallest mountain in the world, it’s not even the tallest in Australia, but fewer people get to the summit of Tasmania’s Federation Peak these days then get to the summit of Mt Everest. And Mark Savage and his intrepid team of climbers hope to summit during the wettest winter on record.


(2017, Canada, 5 minutes) Classification: General

Have you ever been that little kid sitting in the back seat of your parents’ car, wishing you were somewhere else? So you imagine a skier on the side of the road, your fingers commanding back flips and roof drops, improbable rail slides and huge airs. Well, what if your imagination came to life?


(2017, USA, 8 minutes) Classification: General

Forty-three countries down, Hera van Willick rides her bicycle across

continents, full self-supported, sharing her journey and what she has learned along the way.


(2017, USA, 22 minutes) Classification: General
American skier Aaron Rice sets out to ski 2.5 million, human-powered,

vertical feet in the backcountry and set a new world record.


(2017, USA, Reel Rock 12, 25 minutes) Classification: 14A – Coarse language & Violence

Maureen Beck has never let the fact that she is missing her lower left arm hold her back from climbing. She doesn’t want to be considered a good one-armed climber, or a good female climber…she just wants to be a plain good climber.


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