By Carlos Antonio Ferrer, World Surfing Reserve Vision Council Member

Photos by STW Artist Ambassador Nikki Brooks

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Planning the trip to Peru

The members of STW had been toying with the idea to visit Huanchaco, the fifth World Surfing Reserve, since last December and, unlike the previous visits to other World Surfing Reserves, this time they wanted to include surfing as part of their agenda. They decided to go to Peru in August, to take advantage of the big southern swells reaching the shores of Peru during the Southern Hemisphere winter, favoring beaches like Chicama, arguably the longest wave, located forty miles north from Huanchaco.  Eight enthusiasts members/surfers were able to travel to Peru: Nik Strong-Cvetich, Executive Direct Nick Mucha, Programs Director, Gregory Jones, President of Board of Directors, Nicole Brooks, Artistic Ambassador and Photographer, Al Ramadan, Board Director, Jim Freeman, Volunteer and Donor and Jeremy Ertl, Vision Council Member, they were joined by Luis Felipe Rodriguez, from “Fundacion Rompientes from Chile” a STW key partner and Peruvians Carolina Butrich and Bruno Monteferri from “Conservamos por Naturaleza”, she is also the head of “Hazla por tu Ola” a NGO dedicated to preserve waves in Peru. She and Monteferri along with others committed to defend Peruvian waves, were fundamental for the enacting of the Law 27280, a law intended to protect all Peruvian waves suitable for surfing. Please see the following interview of Butrich and Monteferri regarding the Law 27280.

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