World’s Largest Cocktail Shaker comes to Santa Cruz via Front & Cooper @ Abbott Square

The world’s largest cocktail shaker is on it’s way to Santa Cruz! Monkey Shoulder Scotch has been making headlines across America with its tour of what is probably the world’s largest cocktail shaker in existence. The light hearted and fun mixer was created to challenge perceptions about Scotch whisky and redefine expectations for cocktails. Scotch can be accessible to everyone and doesn’t have to be pretentious or mysterious.

Front & Cooper, the cocktail bar at Abbott Square Market in downtown Santa Cruz, happened to be in Arizona back in February as one of the featured bars at Arizona Cocktail Week’s “Top Bars” event, the debut of the 2,400 gallon cocktail mixer… so it seemed fitting to add the Santa Cruz cocktail bar as a stop on the journey.

Sunday, November 11, 2018 from 2-6 pm, the “Monkey Mixer” will pull up to Abbott Square and show off all of it’s glory.


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