420 Farm Tour & Dinner


Join us on 4/20 for an educational tour of three local cannabis farms followed by a fantastic farm dinner at Bird Valley Organics! We will be exploring the unique culture of our locally grown Craft Cannabis farms and learning how legalization is shaping the industry.

Our journey begins at Whiskey Hill Farm with a presentation by Christopher Carr, founder of the Santa Cruz Center of Botanical Study, on the fascinating history & culture of cannabis in Santa Cruz County. From there, we will be traveling by bus to Bird Valley Organics & neighboring Lifted Farm where their talented team of cultivators will teach us about sustainable outdoor cannabis farming & the unique regenerative practices they utilize for top yields and healthy plants. In addition to cannabis the farms grow a wide assortment of produce, & herbs. Please note that outdoor cannabis planting does not begin until later in the Spring. From there we bus over to Coastal Sun to tour their extensive greenhouse operation where we will see craft varietals of cannabis and blueberries growing. We will be learning about their sustainable method of growing in containers utilizing a bioponics system that orchestrates the interaction of soil, recycled water and nutrients. All farms are pesticide free and compliant with Envirocann standards.

The tours will commence at Whiskey Hill Farm where the staff of Therapeutic Healthcare Collective will talk about the necessary role that dispensaries contribute to the cannabis community as a source of education and access to unique products. The tour is from 12:30 – 5pm.

Afterwards join us for an inspired 420 evening of live music, artistic expressions & exceptional food at beautiful Bird Valley Organics! Renowned local chef Dare Arowe is known for her creative and unusual pairings of ingredients & will be cooking all locally sourced items including a few special terpene infused dishes. Terpenes are non-psychoactive and are utilized similarily to essential oil from a lavender or rosemary plant. All proceeds from the Farm Dinner will be donated to charity. The farm dinner is from 6 – 10pm and is BYO / 420 Friendly. You must be 21 or older to attend both the 420 Farm Tour & Dinner.

Tickets for both events can be purchased separately at: santacruzculturaltours.com.



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