By Tyler Fox



Well, that was quick.
Five years ago we celebrated the launch of our very first issue of Santa Cruz Waves magazine. On page one, Shawn Dollar was seen sending down the face of a Mavericks monster in a shot by the legendary Santa Cruz surf photographer Dave “Nelly” Nelson. The black-and-white cover was a risky move, and so was the unorthodox design that leaves off any and all text teasing the content within the issue’s pages.
Our launch party was poolside at Hotel Paradox on a gorgeous 80-degree day. The champagne flowed as we cheersed and chuckled. Big hats and hors d’oeuvres added to the prestige as our freshly printed beauty glistened under the hot sun. “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” here we come! But before Robin Leach could start the interviews, something disturbing caught our attention. While we were basking in our newfound success, the glue binding our baby together was starting to melt. In total disbelief, we noticed pages strewn across the ground and a few random people peering down dumbfounded like they’d just plucked the wings off a butterfly. “Noooo!” I screamed under my breath. “This can’t be happening!” Oh, but it was. And I needed to jump into damage control stat.
We immediately moved all of the issues out of the sun and into the shade without the whole party noticing. The horror seemed to have lasted for hours before the swanky soiree came to an end. With only a handful of casualties, we cut our losses, however the call with the printers the following day was less than pleasant. We’ve since moved on to a more dependable printing option so feel free to bask in your backyard with the issue in hand.
Over the following five years we’ve made other mistakes. Some you may have noticed, while others were too tiny to grant a second glance. We’ve grown and matured during this five-year journey, and we want to take this opportunity to thank you—the community, our advertisers, and our friends and fans—for sticking with us even when our pages were falling apart. Through it all, we’ve persevered to realize our vision of producing the highest quality platform and we’ll continue striving toward excellence in each and every issue. One thing is for sure: we couldn’t have done it without you, and we are excited to ride this wave for many more years to come.


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