Brazil’s Guarda do Embaú officially dedicated as the 9th World Surfing Reserve

Community and conservation efforts rally around surf protected area

Guarda do Embaú, Brazil (October 28, 2019) – On Saturday, October 26th, Brazil’s Guarda do Embaú
was officially dedicated as the 9th World Surfing Reserve, with over 200 people in attendance for the
three day ceremony. The celebration was the culmination of more than three years of intensive work
building the Local Stewardship Council, completing a Stewardship Plan and finalizing an economic study
of the area.
Formed by the Rio da Madre, the Guarda do Embaú surf ecosystem is one of the most classic Brazilian
surfing locations, as well as one of the most biodiverse areas in the Atlantic Coast Rainforest of Brazil.
“All of the Brazilian surf world knows about this place and it has some of the best waves in the entire
country,” said former Surfing World Champion Adriano de Souza. “I am proud to be involved in the
protection of Guarda.”
Together with Save The Waves staff, the Local Stewardship Council drafted the Stewardship Plan for the
Reserve to define and implement important projects to improve the water quality of the Rio da Madre.
This resulted in a new water quality monitoring program, municipal approval and funding for
construction of a wastewater treatment plant.
“Guarda do Embaú is one of the most unique places I have ever been. What the community has done
for conservation of the area as part of the World Surfing Reserve is nothing less than incredible,” said
Save The Waves Executive Director, Nik Strong-Cvetich. “They have set the bar so high for what can be
achieved through the World Surfing Reserves program, and are a model for the rest of the WSR
The Guarda do Embaú World Surf Reserve unites the legally protected areas of the Serra do Tabuleiro
State Park and an Environmental Protection Area for the Southern Right Whale, as part of a special
multiple-use zonation. The efforts and accomplishments of the WSR have also inspired the creation of
and highlighted the need for a network of protected surfing areas throughout the coastline of Brazil.
“We are so proud of all of the work that we have done with the Local Stewardship Council and Save The
Waves, and today everyone in Guarda do Embaú knows about this huge honor and acknowledgement,”
said Marcos ‘Kito’ Gungel, President of the Local Stewardship Council and Reserve Manager. “I couldn’t
be happier.”
In attendance were former Surfing World Champion Adriano de Souza, Portuguese Big Wave Surfer and
WSR Co-Founder, João De Macedo, Palhoça Mayor Camilo Martins, Brazilian Movie Star and
Environmentalist Mateus Solano, Pro Surfer Taína Hinckel, Big Wave Surfer and Brazilian TV Host Ricardo
Bocão and Save The Waves Executive Director Nik Strong-Cvetich and STW Conservation Programs
Manager Trent Hodges.
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