Invitation to Transportation & Public Works ‘Project Open House’ on Oct. 21



Our Transportation and Public Works Commission welcomes you to “Project Open House” on Monday, Oct. 21, 5:30 – 7 p.m. at Gault Elementary School, 1320 Seabright Ave. This special Commission meeting offers an opportunity to speak with commissioners and Public Works engineers and other staff on the following projects.


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The Highway 1/9 Intersection Improvements Project will widen the intersection to provide traffic operation and safety enhancements. Construction will include additional lanes, safety lighting, green bike lanes, sidewalks and accessibility ramps that meet current standards.




The Murray Street Bridge Seismic Retrofit and Barrier Rail Project will strengthen the bridge to better resist seismic forces by installing additional pilings and supplemental structural elements. This is the last of our City bridges to be retrofit to current seismic standards.




Safe Routes to School projects will add safety enhancements to 22 crossings adjacent to Santa Cruz City School campuses. These improvements include rectangular rapid flashing beacons, radar speed feedback signs, street lighting, ADA compliant curb ramps, and enhanced striping for crosswalks.

Another 21 street crossings throughout the City will be similarly improved in the HSIP* Pedestrian Crossing Improvement Project.




New project plans will allow street sweeping in high impact areas for cleaner streets and better water quality and will develop food waste collections projects newly mandated by the state of California.


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The Recycled Water Facility will provide source water from the Wastewater Treatment Facility to the Pure Water Soquel Project. The source water will be treated to tertiary level at our plant for the Pure Water Soquel Project and will also provide recycled water for City use including irrigation of La Barranca Park and a bulk water fill station for construction dust control.


Ocean . Water NW


The Ocean and Water Streets Northwest Corner Improvement Project will reconfigure the corner and intersection to allow for two left turn lanes from Ocean southbound to Water eastbound.  This will create more room for the intersection by moving the sidewalk at the northwest corner back and expanding the traveled way.




Traffic safety plans include the Street Smarts public education campaign which recently expanded through regional partnerships. (Yard signs will be available at this table.)

Commissioners will also host a Safe Routes to Downtown booth where they will collect input from the community on desired changes that would make public and active transportation to and from downtown Santa Cruz safer and more appealing.

We look forward to greeting you at Project Open House on Monday night!

More information on the Transportation and Public Works Commission is available at


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* Highway Safety Improvement Program

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  1. It’s encouraging to see the City lead on important issues like safer bike routes and intersections, and construction of the Coastal Rail Trail, with the San Lorenzo River section complete and Segment 7 about to break ground. The Rail Trail builds the trail now while keeping intact the active rail line, not for excursion trains but for modern electric transit, possibly battery electric streetcars.
    The vision of a car-free lifestyle for all incomes is not far away, but we have to build things to get there!

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