Surfboard Socks vs Canvas Board Bags

When it comes to lightweight protection for your surfboard (not zippered daybags or travel bags) you essentially have two choices: knit polyester surfboard sock, or canvas surfboard bag.
Both are great affordable options to protect your surfboard from dings and UV sunlight (that’s what causes your board to turn yellow over time). They also prevent the wax on your surfboard from melting all over the inside of your vehicle when driving to the beach.

So if you live at the beach, and don’t have to drive to find waves, you already know how lucky you are. For everyone else, you should probably get something to cover up your precious fragile baby.


Most canvas surfboard bags will cost a pretty penny… around $100.

Surfboard socks, around $30-$40, were the clear winner in the price war.

But we recently launched our canvas board bags, for $35-$45, closing that gap.

Both do a great job of protecting your surfboard from doorways, staircases, car trunks, etc. And of course that darn sun that ages your board.

But let’s give the nod to canvas in this category. It is super durable and thick, almost impenetrable.


The knit polyester of surfboard socks is lightweight and stretchy, but we prefer our natural 100% cotton
canvas surfboard bags.
Better for the earth, and a lot more durable than the knit socks.

The knit polyester also picks up twigs/brush/stuff and sticks to your surfboard leash. Not so with the
canvas bag.
The knit socks are a stripe-lover’s dream, with 4 different options: black/white, blue/gray, red/gray, and
pink/white (hello ladies).


For now we only have one color option for the canvas bags: black/green/gray. We’ll possibly do some floral option in the future, or some other fun pattern.


Basically the same product with different materials, the knit sock and canvas bag both slide over your surfboard, and secure with drawstring at the bottom.

The knit sock has a storage pouch for your wax and other small items; the canvas bag does not. Fins don’t need to be removed from your surfboard for either one.

I’d say the knit sock probably slides on/off your surfboard a little easier than the canvas bag.


Now that you know the pros and cons of each option, the choice is yours! Get some protection for less than the cost of a ding repair.

All of our products are available on Amazon and with free shipping.


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