Engage with Santa Cruz Recycled Art Dec. 6 – 18 at R. Blitzer Gallery

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Recycled artwork by Janet Fine, Pamela Dewey and Paige Davis.


We welcome young and old to our fourth annual exhibit of the Santa Cruz Recycled Art Program (SCRAP) from Dec. 6 to 28, Tuesdays through Saturdays, 12 – 5 p.m., at R. Blitzer Gallery, 2801 Mission St. in Santa Cruz. The show features inventive artwork made from materials found in the waste stream at the City’s Resource Recovery Facility.


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Artist Paige Davis at work using reclaimed materials. Artist Jody Alexander stands at wood pile at the Santa Cruz Resource Recovery Facility.


On display is the work of six SCRAP 2019 resident artists: Andrew Purchin, Angela Gleason, Janet Fine, Jody Alexander, Paige Davis and Pamela Dewey. The artists were provided access to the 252 tons of recycling and 660 tons of refuse that City staff collect each week— a unique four month long opportunity to expand creatively and conceptually.

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Artists Angela Gleason, Pam Dewey, Andrew Purchin.

Artist Jody Alexander found the amount of cast off items at the Resource Recovery Facility astonishing. “The way in which modern life has created a system in which anything can be easily had, has lessened the worth of everything.”


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Jody Alexander’s alchemist’s library of tar paper books , center, and work by Angela Gleason right.


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“Memory” by Pamela Dewey, center, and works by Andrew Purchin, left and right.


Artist Janet Fine experienced the Facility as a microcosm of life and humanity. “It is both inspiring in its beauty and nauseating and debilitating in its excessive waste… and poignant as it is where objects and memories are crushed.”


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Artwork by Janet Fine, left, by Paige Davis, center, and by Angela Gleason, right.


The six artists’ wide-ranging new works feature an interactive altar to “Sapiens,” video, photography, assemblage art, a tiny house, giant pick up-sticks, jewelry and an alchemist’s library of tar paper books. Themes include housing and homelessness, the cultural worship of consumption and lighter fare.




“SCRAP is an important program to help raise community awareness of consumption and waste,” said City of Santa Cruz Waste Reduction Manager Leslie O’Malley. “Before recycling, we urge everyone to consider four “Rs”: refuse, rethink, reduce and reuse.”



The Blitzer Gallery will host the opening reception on Friday, Dec. 6, 5 – 9 p.m. and an artist talk on Sunday, Dec. 8, 2 – 4 p.m.

SCRAP is a program of Santa Cruz City Arts and the Santa Cruz City Arts Commission in partnership with the City of Santa Cruz Resource Recovery Facility/Public Works Department. For more information, please visit www.santacruzcityarts.com.




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